Samsung Mobile SDK 4

Get the Code Here :

The Requirements for Entering the Samsung Smart App Challenge can be found here :

I’m very excited to provide you with my Samsung Mobile SDK Tutorial! Over the next few videos I cover: the Samsung Mobile SDK.

This tutorial features Samsung SLook & WritingBuddy in Samsung Mobile SDK.

Thanks to the nice people at Samsung and the Samsung Smart App Challenge, who are giving away $1.1 Million in prizes.

I’ll also be offering a give away. Between now and November the 30th, sign up for a free Samsung developer account at and you will be eligible to win a Samsung GALAXY Note 3 device or one of three Samsung GALAXY Gear smart watches. I will choose a winner at random.

After you signup for the Samsung developer account, leave a comment on my website stating that you signed up. That is all!






7 responses to “Samsung Mobile SDK 4”

  1. omar najjar Avatar

    Hello Derek, I was wondering, wouldn't it be easier to create a set of buttons for each of the information, writing buddy, etc. which would take you to their corresponding classes/activities instead of the listview/array method?

  2. Will Rowe Avatar

    dear mr banas i really enjoy your videos
    i have a samsung galaxy 10.1
    hooked up to eclipse
    evreything is launching great on my apps but
    i am unable to after following your instructions to implement the write buddy in slookactivity writebuddyedittext activity
    has the write buddy functionality  on the galaxy 10.1
    been moved to the keyboard pop up handwriting to text function sir
    there does not seem to be much documentation on the s look class
    or the writing buddy methods within it
    if you have any resources could you please share them sir as you seem to be the most advanced person in this field on the internet
    please help sir as this is what i do all day and once again thanks for all your work

  3. Maciej Szpakowski Avatar

    Thanks for that tutorial 🙂

  4. Tchadry Avatar

    Hello Derek, i've been following your android tutorials since youre first one and they are awesome. During the first episodes, you covered simple networking operations such as parsing xml from web services on an android app. But the thing is I really wanted to learn how to create my own web service to use on my apps. Are you going to cover this and other networking operations on you android dev tutorial series?
    Thanks man, you're the BEST!

  5. Taariq Williams Avatar

    i signed up, hope you pick me, i really love that phone ;(

  6. Steve Heistand Avatar

    as you have gone through the Samsung SDK stuff have you ever found anything that could progamatically turn on/off pen detection?  Aside from the checkbox in the control panel…
    thanks.  love all the android tutorials you have done.

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