Samsung Mobile SDK 7

Get the Code Here :

The Requirements for Entering the Samsung Smart App Challenge can be found here :

I’m very excited to provide you with my Samsung Mobile SDK Tutorial! Over the next few videos I cover: the Samsung Mobile SDK.

Thanks to the nice people at Samsung and the Samsung Smart App Challenge, who are giving away $1.1 Million in prizes.

I’ll also be offering a give away. Between now and November the 30th, sign up for a free Samsung developer account at and you will be eligible to win a Samsung GALAXY Note 3 device or one of three Samsung GALAXY Gear smart watches. I will choose a winner at random.

After you signup for the Samsung developer account, leave a comment on my website stating that you signed up. That is all!






3 responses to “Samsung Mobile SDK 7”

  1. Nehemiah Zewde Avatar

    Hiiii Derek!!! Thanks for all the video tutorials. I was wondering if you would ever post tutorials on real time graphing? I guess kinda like a wireless heart rate monitor that sends data to your phone and then which your phone would plot an ecg graph. 

  2. Roni Stiawan Avatar

    look like these videos for high class programmer. i wish one day i could understand.
    i hope you upload c++ tutorial soon.
    you are great, what is your job?

  3. kevin kastrowiak Avatar

    I'd like to thanks you for the great & professional tutorials. So much glad on these looking forward for the rest !!

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