Samsung Mobile SDK Tutorial

Get the Code Here :

The Requirements for Entering the Samsung Smart App Challenge can be found here :

I’m very excited to provide you with my Samsung Mobile SDK Tutorial! Over the next few videos I cover: the Samsung Mobile SDK.

Thanks to the nice people at Samsung and the Samsung Smart App Challenge, who are giving away $1.1 Million in prizes.

I’ll also be offering a give away. Between now and November the 30th, sign up for a free Samsung developer account at and you will be eligible to win a Samsung GALAXY Note 3 device or one of three Samsung GALAXY Gear smart watches. I will choose a winner at random.

After you signup for the Samsung developer account, leave a comment on my website stating that you signed up. That is all!






23 responses to “Samsung Mobile SDK Tutorial”

  1. Ridhwan Z Avatar

    how to remove this thing from my s6 thank you exception

  2. Larry Goodman Avatar

    Hello Derek Banas, I do not see the link that you said you provided in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Marius Mathisen Avatar

    Awesome video, Derek! Will you Make development videos for Galaxy Gear as well?

  4. Chamin Nalinda Avatar

    Hi Derek,

    Just now saw your Samsung Mobile SDK tutorial series. I sign up for a developer account. Thanks heaps for your effort and time investment.


  5. Stefan Banu Avatar

    The Samsung site is not working, i'm trying to make an account but the site is not loading, and yes i tried with different browsers,Thanks

  6. vfunbox Avatar

    Derek, I have signed up for the developers account and I appreciate you took alot of your time and effort to post these videos for developers like me. Thank you!

  7. RamaKrishna Sarma Ganti Avatar

    Derek, when can we expect Tutorials on Enterprise java topics.'.like Spring,Hibernate etc,.

  8. JustinWK Avatar

    +Derek Banas I have signed up for the dev account and the contest 🙂 I am a researcher working on mobile augmented reality tracking. Hopefully I will be able to make use of the phone for the good if I win.
    Thanks a loads for your wonderful tutorials.

  9. Maciej Szpakowski Avatar

    Hi, Derek I just signed up for the Samsung developer account. I love your tutorials !!! I realy would like to win this awesome smartphone.

  10. aysikl Avatar

    amg, samsung too now?… Derek stop being so uber….. 🙂

  11. Andrew Ha Avatar

    I signed up.  Currently owns a note 2.  Love it.  Can't wait to start s-spen app development.  Thanks for your tutorial, it was very helpful.

  12. Wolfeyes Sunny Avatar

    Im signed up, thanks

  13. A9 Modi Avatar

    Hey Derek, I am not able to sign up using that link.. The website is all messed up and I tried to check from my next 4 as well as other PC.. You know when CSS files are missing and how you get your website completely unstructured? Same way, I couldn't signup :
    However I will keep checking if they have fixed it or not and follow your video here..

    Even though if I might not able to make account there, I am gonna work developing some apps 🙂

  14. Krystian Szczegielniak Avatar

    Signed up Derek! Awesome video as always 🙂

  15. 123japanuser Avatar

    Уважаемый тренер,

    Это просто так хорошо.

    Очень счастлив, что изучение новых вещей.

    Имейте большой выходные.

  16. Hecatus Avatar

    +Derek Banas I signed up!

  17. Derek Banas Avatar

    I can't answer comments below so I'll leave them here.

    I'm Definitely Not leaving behind people that don't have a Samsung phone to develop on.

    Each tutorial will cover how to make things on any Android device. I will also cover a Samsung specific tool as well. For example, in one video I may teach how to make a working tool bar that works for every Android device. I will also teach something about the S Pen.

  18. Kai Wong -Discontinued- Avatar

    Do I need a Samsung device to follow this tutorial?

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