Sci-Fi Space Scene Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial I’ll take you through the process of creating a cool sci-fi space scene with planets, moons, nebulas and colourful cosmic space dust.

Stock photos from Shutterstock:
Clouds on sky –
Summer sky. White clouds on a blue sky –
Rust metal surface background –
Stone with moss –

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38 responses to “Sci-Fi Space Scene Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. FreedomRevolution16 Avatar

    You are absolutely ridiculous! Wow! This is insane

  2. chris trigg Avatar

    This has opened a world of sci-fi art possibilities for me, thank-you!

  3. Basavaraju Cat Avatar

    sir send me that pictures link, that link is expired

  4. 7homas77 Avatar

    LOVED watching my work come together. Another fantastic tutorial. You're going to create a whole wave of self-taught graphic design entrepreneurs.

  5. Fred VDP Avatar

    Great tutorial!

    To create an Earth-like planet, I took a picture of a wooden desk, coloured it blue, then added the rust texture as an overlay.

  6. Melissa peterson Avatar

    Thanks for showing us how to make this! Had fun making this!

  7. B Red Avatar

    So so so cool! I love your tutorials and I'm so thankful you're sharing them!

  8. Christopher Sheridan Avatar

    I wish I could find these for GIMP. 🙁

  9. BongieGER Avatar

    when i paste the clouds all the sky that used to be blue turns grey and looks shit… any ideas? are the pictures that i find too bright?

  10. Bedaki Play Avatar

    didnt help at all i had no idea what was going on had to refer to google on the shortcuts you did and not even half way i quit bc i was totally confused with everything

  11. Justin Tew Avatar

    great tutorial, love how fast you go, no b.s.

  12. Noah Juelfs Avatar

    Sick tutorial dude! I will FOR SURE be doing a couple of these.

  13. ALexander Dolgan Avatar

    Many thanks. Space is a very good topic for lessons. I got a lot of fun!

  14. WeavePap Avatar

    It is not becoming transparent for the clouds for me

  15. Maximillian Gubbins Avatar

    i like the speed and style of these tutorials. perfect

  16. Andrzej C Avatar

    great tutorial as usual, thanks

  17. Ryan Cowdrey Avatar

    I love your videos, especially the double exposure one! Curious what hardware you use, also wondering if you design for a living?

  18. Orion Avatar

    is there a way to create space nebula without using stock photos but just by using photoshop things like render clouds, brushes, etc?

  19. Melaine Meyer Avatar

    Best tutorial for space art I've seen so far, good job!

  20. janel rightmire Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorials! They're done well and easy to follow. Love your channel!

  21. RonVon Trollenberg Avatar

    Does anyone know a good canvas size to use for Wallpapers?

  22. Teddnb - Avatar

    Its so refreshing to be able to watch tutorials that are quick, concise and to the point. Please don't change your approach, it stands you head and shoulders above other photoshop tutorials as some of us don't want to sit here for hours listening to someone drone on about unnecessary bs. Thanks for your help man, couldn't ask for more x

  23. Jose Diaz H Avatar

    Excelente muchas gracias por compartir! Spoon Graphics

  24. Blatta77 Avatar

    You're talking too fast. Feedback from a Swedish dude

  25. Kraphik ThreeDee Avatar

    beautiful space graphics thanks for nice tut man!

  26. Funk SkyWalker Avatar

    BRILLIANT!. You had me at the second layer for real. I ma follower of your blog a year now, and this time I went Hulk Hogan on the like bottom my friend. TY very much 😀

  27. Matt M Avatar

    You always make such nice concise wonderful tutorials, I have been following your work for few years. Thank you for your YouTube videos, I always look forward to them.

  28. Vengo Regis Avatar

    Super tutorial it is thank you sir… Very simple to learn and fallow and practice…

  29. Helena Avatar

    Never thought it could be so easy. Thank you for sharing Chris!

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