Scrambled Tofu Recipe

Recipe for Healthy Sausage :

Scrambled Tofu Recipe

In 1 bowl add the following spices :

1/2 tsp to 1/2 TBs of granulated Sea Salt ( I use 1/2 tsp to no Salt )
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Onion Powder
1/4 Cup Nutritional Yeast

Combine the following in a separate bowl :

14oz Soft Tofu ( Smashed with a fork )
1/2 Cup Chopped Onion
1/2 Cup Chopped Mushrooms
1/2 Cup Chopped Green Pepper

Slowly add 1/4 of the spices at a time to the Tofu mixture as you stir to combine

Add 1 to 2 TBs of Olive Oil to a pan at 80% to High

Cook for about 5 minutes while stirring

Here is my Scrambled Tofu Recipe. Every once in a while I’m surprised by how good a recipe is. This recipe came from a health nut my mother in law knows in West Virginia. If you mix healthy with comfort food you get scrambled tofu.

There is quite a bit of sodium in this dish and actually I normally cut the salt out of this recipe all together, but for this video I decided to stay true to the original.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe 🙂






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  1. Ethan Dodge Avatar

    I'm just taking a break from learning java, don't mind me 🙂

  2. Jimmy Cheng Avatar

    Incredible. This must be delicious. It similar to Chines food, but we never cook it in this way.

  3. studderabcd Avatar

    did you give up meat sir?


    loru sale… ye paneer hai… koi tofu sofu nahi

  5. Shahan Akhter Avatar

    Yes! I've been trying to make tofu tastey for so long, will definitely try this. More of this! Thanks!

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    YUM!!! As always, thank you very much!!

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    food trip development for beginners

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    This guy knows everything there is to know about anything that is something that exists and what not

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    Thanks Derek, that will be my next cooking challenge.

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    You are amazing! You can do everything it seems like.

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    I just love you man
    Keep up the good work mate

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    "Soylent Green is people!!"

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    I love your videos, and whenever I see someone who wants to learn about design patterns or what not I always refer them to you. It's fun to watch you do other things for a change. Keep it up!!

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    Dear Coach,
    NUTRILICIOUS appetizer for GIT  :))

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    I have learnt a lot from your channel from Psychology to code and I hope you keep your content as awesome as it's always been!

  16. Ben Scholer Avatar

    Looks Delicious!! I'll have to try that sometime!!

  17. JC Avatar

    It can be tasty, but you need to know how to organize the food in the plate, it's how they say, "we eat first with our eyes".

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