SEO for Beginners Tutorial – 12 – Sitemap / sitemap.xml

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12 responses to “SEO for Beginners Tutorial – 12 – Sitemap / sitemap.xml”

  1. nikola stoianov Avatar

    "xml minus sitemap" lol . Great video though.

  2. Yatin Gera Avatar

    Since you mentioned that sitemaps are really important in case you missed linking any page to your site.
    How would these automation tools help if all they do is crawl your website?

  3. Keyallumas Avatar

    Hats off to you sir. Very informative.

  4. Moamar Ghazally Avatar

    so super mega ultra fantastic sweet wonderful tutorial

  5. Oskar Donaldson-Holte Avatar

    Please keep going with these!

  6. Mat Shinoz Avatar

    awesome tutorials, i like it.

  7. RustyWasp Avatar

    Why are the videos in 720p? Why not 1080p? It make everything much clearer.

  8. Taj khan Avatar

    truely awesome tutorials…

  9. Regaïeg Zied Avatar

    So you bought a software that generate sitemaps and you didn't even use it to make one for your website. Why?

  10. Jeff Jackson Avatar

    Fucking damn it Greg….. enough with these tutorials ffs finish the other GOOD tutorials………..

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