SEO Friendly Website Links In WordPress


Learn how to make search engine friendly website links and more importantly human friendly website links. Also known in wordpress as permalinks.






26 responses to “SEO Friendly Website Links In WordPress”

  1. Top video Avatar

    plz. more seo video upload

  2. Wesley Brattley Avatar

    can you do some SEO work on here, its ok now tou have shown us all how to make a website, but we need to get seen!!!

    I would be happy if you could.


  3. Sebastain Radziusz Avatar

    hi Tyler. Why i have to use /index.php/%postname%/ ? If i remove index.php my site stops to work. I'd glad you answer

  4. Shoonya Mag Avatar

    Hi Tyler!

    First of all, am really indebted to the work you do. Thank you so much. P.S. I have mentioned on my website.

    I have also read your ebook. There are two problems that I have encountered.

    1. Unable to follow your method to upload google html file to my root folder. The root folder doesn't show like you mentioned, for some reason..
    2. Problem with Yoast SEO plugin.. It shows a 404 error when XML sitemap is generated..

    Will be grateful if you could help…

  5. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks so much πŸ™‚

  6. MrPhotografix Avatar

    Thank You! Another task made nice and easy by Tyler Moore…Awesome WordPress tutor πŸ™‚

  7. meilansch Avatar

    Hello Tyler!
    Just wanted to ask, if you could make a video about how to set up multilingual websites and multicurrency shopping carts with wordpress.
    As there are lots of people who want to sell abroad that topic might be of larger interest.
    Thanks a lot of all your tutorial. I learned a lot from them!!

  8. ameerali ali Avatar

    Hi tyler i am a big fan of yours learn alot from your tutorials hats off to you man!! one thing i want to ask you that i already have a website that have the products that online store have but the website i make is on psd and i want to add a e-commerce software to it so that it looks like a online store can it be possible? one more thing that if make an online store so im confused that how can i deliver the products to my clients can by shipping please brief me on that. Thankyou!

  9. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks! yes it will automatically update within 3 weeks.

  10. Tyler Moore Avatar

    hey thanks! stay tuned! im going to do a seo video. and re: submitting your website to the search engines: after a few weeks, google will update your website to the searches

  11. Marcus Tan Seevent Avatar

    Hi tyler , i wan to ask a question!

    Does the search engine in google and yahoo , automactically include your website in their search engines? or do we need to manually do something in our system to make it appear in the search engine? thanks!:)

  12. Rana Abdul Rauf Avatar

    Hi , I can make a full website now and had no previous knowledge, All thanks to your help. Just wanted to request you if you could do a video on SEO in detail and how to submit to search engines. Also how can we make sure that our site comes on top when someone does the related search in google. How this adwords work and also how to buy and install things from google analytics. I shall be grateful. Thanks

  13. Chamin Nalinda Avatar

    I got an error, Is that because , I'm doing this in my localhost ? πŸ™‚
    bdw thanks a great deal for your videos :))

  14. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Hi Jessie! thank you! ive added your video request to the list.

  15. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Hi, ive written down your video request. Thanks!

  16. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks, Christina! πŸ™‚

  17. Jessie Hunter Avatar

    Your videos are very helpful! Would you consider doing a tutorial on installing WAMP or MAMP to build a site offline for those of us who have an active site and want to migrate it to wordpress from something else such as Weebly?

  18. Pepper Spice Avatar

    I'm on windows hosting and as soon as you change the permalink options, the entire thing crashes and you can't even access the admin page. I have tried a few times and it simply does not work. I'm with godaddy and contacted them about it, they couldn't fix it. Do you think I can easily transfer my entire site to Linux hosting without any glitches? (From a backup?) Also, what is your best backup option for wordpress, would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for all the great videos! πŸ™‚

  19. Christina Strange Avatar

    You rock my cosmos <3 Thanks Tyler

  20. noahandgabrielsmum Avatar

    Very helpful, again.
    Great site for info. Thanks

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