Setting Up the Game Board! – Java Game Dev #6

We finally begin building the game board! The game board is a crucial element of any video game. For good design, we must separate the graphics (view) and the back-end (model). As a result of this, the user interface becomes more modular and the game mechanics can be modified without requiring any significant changes to the front-end user interface.

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Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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2 responses to “Setting Up the Game Board! – Java Game Dev #6”

  1. DevFactor Avatar

    The next episode should be out by about lunch today. This time it will be a little bit longer, and I've worked through flushing out the Board class, and the JRacer class.

    In the following tutorial, we will actually implement a JPanel GUI and a KeyListener so we can control the JRacer!

  2. Anton Avatar

    Yes finally some coding

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