Shell Scripting Tutorial

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In this one video I’ll cover Vim, Input, Output, Variables, Math, Functions, Executing Python Functions, Conditionals, Strings, Arrays, Looping, Positional Parameters, Parameter Expansions and a whole lot more.

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38 responses to “Shell Scripting Tutorial”

  1. Amit Joshi Avatar

    Thanks a lot Derek..

  2. Ravikumar khasnis Avatar

    Thanks a lot . It really helped a lot….

  3. Vaibhav Gupta Avatar

    I'll name my first-born after you Derek. You have saved my life more times than I can count!

  4. 财经若水 | Finance is just like water. Avatar

    Derek, thanks for this great video. I don't know how many people actually tested out your codes. So I put a comment here and your or someone may look into it.

    @41:49 I'm thinking (( $age >= 18 ? (can_vote=1) : (can_vote=0) )) and comment out age=18
    will do the trick. Your original code works good when the input for age is 18. But when you change the age to 15, it will still show Can Vote : 1 (I guess this is not what you meant)

    And "Blanks" in Linux Scripting is somehow every picky..

    All in all, great video!

  5. Ryan Chand Avatar

    Hi derek, what is the purpose of using (()) in bash. I mean while writing script when should I use those 2 pair of brackets.

  6. raoul smits Avatar

    i prefer the nano editor

  7. spence12310 Avatar

    "Sad is greater than happy" – Derek Banas 2016

  8. Wadlebutt Avatar

    "i prefer to move these along quickly and let you adjust yourself to a pace youre comfortable with" THANKYOU.

  9. sinborn41214 Avatar

    vim seems quite cryptic and not-friendly to a noob like me. why would I want to use this to write scripts over something like a text editor?

  10. Matt E Avatar

    Are you able to put markers for this video?

  11. r m Avatar

    Bit advanced for me how do you open 2 terminals? What does sudo and apt mean? Lost already

  12. Arjun Umathanu Avatar

    greater than*, less than* typo err

  13. Johnny Phan Avatar

    How do I do if my command passwd is not found?

  14. stealth gate Avatar

    what a exotic sintaxis

  15. TheZooman22 Avatar

    A lot of information to take in. It was very helpful.

  16. Fruit F*cker Avatar

    at 24:13, too many "(( ))" for me. I would just if [ `expr $num % 2` == 0 ];

  17. Fruit F*cker Avatar

    When you said "sh-bang" I immediately thought you were referring to Ricky Martin's song. Then I realized I'll get flack for knowing Ricky Martin.

  18. shiba dhamija Avatar

    whould u plz let me knw whats the difference b/w … fav_num[@] and fav_num[*]……………m confused??

  19. Hawk Celi Avatar

    I think you mentioned that you had a link to a good vi cheat sheet. If so would love to have that link.

  20. Mark Tropin Avatar

    Great video! I just don't understand the difference between comparison operators like -gt and >. Are they interchangeable in Bash?

  21. Afsar Avatar

    which presentation tool have you used in the introduction part of this video?

  22. W. S. Avatar

    Around 28:30 I think you're supposed to use '<' and '>' for lexicographic string comparison, but you used '<' and '>' which are redirection operators. It's a coincidence your code worked.

  23. Vahin Sharma Avatar

    When I'm open the Bash file, It keeps saying 'Bash: Permission denied'. Why?

  24. sayak ghosh Avatar

    You Blink, You Miss! I loved it, it was fun… 😀 Great Work.

  25. Es roy Avatar

    Can you please do a tutorial on Crystal lang. It's basically Ruby with static types

  26. Robert Tortaras Avatar

    Line 452, 2. Continue and Break script
    why is my output different than yours? It will only print the odd numbers between 1 and 19, though my script is written exactly the same

  27. Dalboni Willian Avatar

    This is AWESOME!
    We need more videos like this.

  28. Gracken420 Avatar

    Ah yes, a vim tutorial, just what I wanted to see when opening a video on shell scripting.

  29. Bruno Calhiari Avatar

    man, how old are you and how old did you start learning to code?..I'm impressed with the amount of languages and techniques and tools you know

  30. Pushpak Bhawsar Avatar

    a description of all the sign i.e ~ would be great

  31. Cranioex Maker Avatar

    Is there an IDE that recognizes commands

  32. deathnot3 Avatar

    i dont understand what's the difference between using '-' or '=' in string formatting block

  33. Spi Rale Avatar

    I've been braindead for so long, I can't even follow your great tutorial

  34. gskibum Avatar

    You need to brush up on your "then" and "than" basics of grammar.

  35. Tal Nir Avatar

    did you mean in shell to linux terminal also????

  36. Rozenkrantzz Avatar

    vim @ 0:55
    bash comments/printing @ 5:05
    variables @ 7:35
    constants @ 8:15
    arithmetic @ 8:39
    using python commands @ 13:08
    multi-line printing @13:45
    functions @ 15:10
    reading input @ 19:16
    conditionals @ 20:00
    logical operators @ 24:27
    files (create / remove) @ 25:24
    strings @ 26:57
    files (checks) @ 29:00
    regular expressions @ 30:43
    more on input / output @ 32:20
    case statements @ 39:00
    parameter expansions @ 42:02
    looping @ 43:47
    arrays @ 50:56
    positional parameters (command line args) @ 56:35

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