Shopisle Companion Plugin: How To Add The Slider To The Shopisle Theme

In this shopisle theme tutorial, i will show you how you can add the slider and the about us template the the shopisle theme for wordpress. You will need to install a free plugin called the shopisle companing plugin.

If you downloaded the theme from, than you will need to install this plugin. However, if you have downloaded it from their website, you will not need to use this plugin. You are all set!

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22 responses to “Shopisle Companion Plugin: How To Add The Slider To The Shopisle Theme”

  1. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    If you are having problems with the shopisle slider and about us, this video should help. Seems they have created two "free" versions. Good luck!

  2. misssjanette Avatar

    Hey I really like your videos they are very educative ,I just have an issue with uploading my products in a horizontal way .They all appear as one one product each on the product page .O don't how to correct this issue

  3. edunabahia Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I'd like to thank you for your videos. They have been very helpful! One issue I couldn't solve was regarding the resolution once its uploaded onto the slides. No matter what quality I upload the resolution is awful. I saw you mention that the best resolution would be: 1920 x 1080. But it still gets blurry… any ideas?

  4. OG Youtuber Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the help man, the about us template worked for me 🙂

  5. izzat khong Avatar

    Hey Darrel , i somehow cant download the plugin over the page , may i know why ?

  6. Douglas Felchilcher Avatar

    Thank you, it was very useful!

  7. Herschey's Avatar

    There are two things that one needs to be taken care in order for the slider to work the way it is supposed to be. One, as '@Vlad Babushkin' in the comments below has mentioned, one needs to change the 'Static Front Page' back to default 'Latest Posts'. Many thanks to Vlad for helping all of us with the same. Secondly, we need to make sure that the URL Structure (Dashboard > Settings > General) is also set to its default format, i.e. without any 'www.' being added prior to the domain name.

  8. HASSAN ARIF Avatar

    can it work on Free version of Shop isle theme ?

  9. Spoilfashions Avatar

    what is the best images resolution for this slider. high resolution image also getting blur

  10. Vlad Babushkin Avatar

    I couldn't get the slider even after I downloaded the theme from their site and had the plugin installed.
    Finally fixed it! You need to change "static front page" to latest posts.

  11. Nermiineaccessories Avatar

    Hey Darrel
    if I download the free version of Shopilse on themeilse and I install the shopilse companion plugin can I still follow the steps on your other video how to create an ecommerce website with shopilse ? will I still get the same theme as yours? I have been trying everything for like 3 days and nothing is working for me. so I need a step by step video.

  12. Raj Siddappa Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I followed your steps but slider is not working…

  13. Shahzad Haider Avatar

    I have lite version. It's fully functional. But couldn't find a way to edit About us page. I just edited it with elementor page builder. Where to edit About us page within the theme options ? The method described in documentation didn't applied. Useless.

  14. Clarence Wallace Avatar

    my slider section still isnt showing up

  15. Diana Pazmino Avatar

    Hi, thanks for your great tutorial. I'm having issues with the slider, my images appear blurry and pixelated. Help me please.

  16. Aurimas Selenis Avatar

    Hey Darrel, is it possible to add instagram feed to this theme ?


    please make a video about YITH woo commerce plugins

  18. ThemeIsle Avatar

    Just a note Darrel, the features aren't present on version not because we didn't wanted to, but because they consider that this isn't allowed in themes and is plugin territory ( content creation + slider ).

  19. Tsmalls321 Avatar

    Hey dude I'm loving this theme I was wondering, I have the social links at the bottom is there a way to have them open in a new window?

  20. Miguel Sanchez Avatar

    Why my slider doesn't appear?

  21. Nsikak Udoh Avatar

    I loose the call to action buttons after i mess with the header.

  22. TushCreation Avatar

    Great video 🙂 i wanted to ask that , i m having my website and i m a musician, when i was setting my yoast seo configuration , it showed up the option of selecting a personal site or a blog . which one to select ? i m confused . I do blogging also

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