Simplicity: Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Simplicity: Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial
Download Fog Brushes Here:
In this Photoshop manipulation tutorial, you will learn how to create a beautiful surreal landscape by combining rocks, fog, a sky and a model. You’ll be using adjustment layers, free downloadable brushes to create the effect. This tutorial is more intermediate then beginner. But still easily achievable if you take your time.

Stock Downloads:

Landscape, rocks, sky, dust here:

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21 responses to “Simplicity: Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial”

  1. Bartosz Grochowski Avatar

    Could You tell me what's song name 6:00?

  2. Nathan Hurt Avatar

    some help when i go to use the refine edge mine doesnt go red like yours mine goes white any ideas

  3. Lunar Luna Avatar

    hello.Love all of your videos. I would like to ask other than Photoshop, what other tools do you use? Do u use a laptop/desktop with a graphic tablet or just a mouse? Pls let me know ASAP. thank you.

  4. coliwkaa Avatar

    Hi! How do I move the brushes to the programme? I downloaded and unpacked them but can't find them in the brushes section :/

  5. Rebecca Cloud3s Avatar

    hello I just have a couple of questions , I watch all the videos from this channel and I try to create some of my own pics. when you say to rename a layer like to model, shadows etc….. how do I do this , I have yet to figure it out when I click on the layer it dosant do anything like shown in video . and where would I get the fog brushes from I do have Adobe Photo Shop and are they part of the brushes that comes with it and if so what set . Thankyou so much

  6. Angelika Kruse Avatar

    This is great – I love it – it is a fantastic picture and the tutorial is so simple to follow Thank you

  7. yasin bowers Avatar

    Hi, my name Aziz , I was wondering how do you know what to use when creating these projects??

  8. cu I Avatar

    Thank you. This is very useful to me.

  9. Alagesh Rahul Avatar

    Gosh, the perfect tutorial for a beginner. Thanks and amazing.

  10. khrystal . Avatar

    i love this!! can u show use some photoshop actions filters and presets? also how to save and share them?

  11. BlueIceAce Avatar

    Holy cow this is AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  12. Danilradchenko Avatar

    where the background?

  13. Tuấn Trương Công Avatar

    thks bro. why face and her hair had no light

  14. Neko Avatar

    wonderful photo manipulation. 🙂 Greetings from Poland 🙂

  15. Danny Daniel Avatar

    these video's are awesome to work with. Keep them coming up

  16. Xain Qureshi Avatar

    Awesome bro fantastic i dont know what to say

  17. PAMELA GOSTON Avatar

    awesome video, how do I get the to blind together

  18. Luan Avatar

    please put subtitles in Portuguese. thank you!

  19. Fok Jason Avatar

    Great tutorial, thanks a lot 🙂

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