Sketch Tutorial – iOS Design – Draw Carousel Home Screen in Sketch 3

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iOS Development Tutorial – Build Interactive and Social Networking Apps with Parse

Hey everyone,

It’s Duc. Welcome to the first sample chapter from Build Interactive Social Networking Apps Course. I designed this course to help developers design, prototype, and build interactive apps with social networking apps. I also hope that from the learning experience and hands-on challenges in this course, my students will go out there developing their apps with great care for design in mind.

I do hope that this course can attract a large amount of designers and push them to try out developing their own apps from their wonderful ideas and prototypes and designs.

The course will focus on four main goals by accomplishing two fully functional apps:

— Teach you to design UI in Sketch 3. I’m not a professional designer but if you look at the project and after watching and practicing with this video, I hope that you find Sketch incredibly easy to use.

— Prototype any app ideas (with Flinto in this course). Never go straight ahead spending weeks developing your apps right away. “Fake it til you make it!”. Have a prototype.

— Implement interactive features (things like customized transitions, animation, carousel home screen, stretchy headers…). Create social networking features for your apps.

— Finally, hands-on challenges. I want you to own this course and own the two projects in this course. I will walk every step along the way with you but the only way you learn anything new and make it stick with you is to do it yourself.






7 responses to “Sketch Tutorial – iOS Design – Draw Carousel Home Screen in Sketch 3”

  1. Steven Lin Avatar

    Duc, I tried going to the link you provided to your free courses, but when I tried to sign up, it says the mailing list is not active??? Please help! I am extremely interested!

  2. Erick Arroyo Avatar

    Hey +Duc Tran Learn. Create. Contribute This video is awesome!! Sadly i cant subscribe to get the next videos where can i see them? Thank you so much in advance.

  3. Ankur Poseria Avatar

    Great work. Please continue, you are contributing something of great value and education.

  4. Mel Smith Avatar

    can i use this template to develop my new social network? pplease?

  5. Vũ Hoàng Tâm Avatar

    Quite easy to learn. I love this video DucTran!

  6. Kayo Sawaguchi Avatar

    Thank you very much!! I start using sketch 😉 I will make my first App with your Tutorial!!

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