How to use the Slider Pro Addon by Themify [Tutorial!]

In this video I go through why should use the slider pro/differences between the standard slider and this one.

I also go through how to edit the images to use for your slider and how to set things up. Enjoy!

Cheers, Hogan.


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26 responses to “SLIDER PRO ADD-ON (by Themify) TUTORIAL!”

  1. Gizmo's Lab Avatar

    hogun, is there a 'pop-up' add on for themify?

  2. Taylor Neilson Avatar

    Hogan thanks for your videos. I'm building several sites with your help! I eventually convinced a business to buy the master class.

  3. biswadip das Avatar

    Hey bro,first of all thank you so much for your tutorials. I bought Builder Slider Pro plugin Version 1.1.6 and using themify ulta theme (1.6.3) as provided by you. While using the slider pro plugin it is found that my images and slider does not load on my website page. Tried to update the theme,but it asks username password. Also tried to contact themify support,they also ask for username. Cant understand whats the problem, please help. My website url page where the silder is used is: Thanks

  4. Rich Brankin Avatar

    Hi Hogan, great video as always, Themify are lucky to have you as an ambassador! I am trying to make my pro-slider 100% of the browser width, but only say 50% of the height. I have played around every conceivable row setting but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?

  5. wanangwa champiti Avatar

    Hi Hogan i am using themify ultra theme and i just installed slider revolution, does this theme support slider revolution plugin

  6. Matt J Avatar

    Hi I greatly appreciate your tutorials, I was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction. Can you build a video gallery in themify that just opens the video in a modal window/lightbox window

  7. Alain Malvaez Avatar

    hey!! thanks for the video! i wondering if i can make this slide on my parallax web with temify if i dont buy this addons, i really appreciate your answer , saludos desde mexico

  8. Wolfgang Reitshammer Avatar

    Hello Hogan, again many thanks for your great Tutorials! I followed everyone of your steps, but the Action button won't move! Any Idea why it is not working for me? chears

  9. 123987pp Avatar

    my image does not load on my website page. tried everything how can i fix this?

  10. Timothy Hamond Avatar

    Hey mate, any chance you know how to remove the slider dots / bullets at the bottom of the screen when using a slider as the image background? Don't have the slider pro addon just using the normal one in Themify Builder. cheers!

  11. Jurian Rojas Avatar

    Wow Hogan i was looking for this since yesterday, and i was trying with jquery! so much easy! niceeeee! you rocks like always.

  12. Jona Becher Avatar

    Hey Hogan,
    nice tutorial! But when I use margin to move the icon, the picture moves in. How can i fix this?

  13. Tamas Szabo Avatar

    Hola Hogan
    Simple question here… Is there an option to buy all themes and addons all in one?
    Cheers mate

  14. Sean Hendricks Avatar

    Hello Hogan! Many Thanks for your tutorial here. I have a few websites built from your inspire tutorial. On one of them I was adding the builder slider pro. It was working just fine until I noticed that it wasnt loading properly on my mobile devices. I thought it might be the size of the images. Even though I followed you instructions 1160px X610px. It still didnt load when i reduced the size. I am running the old 1.1.4 Themify Ultra. I was going to update it but I realized I downloaded it from your tutorial.

    Is there a way to fix this problem with the slider that you know of? Also is there an easy way of updating the Themify Ultra from your page here?

    Thanks! Please keep making videos

  15. PLAR Avatar

    Hey Hogan, is it possible to link a other slider plugin (Slider Revolution) in the Themify Builder?
    With the slider pro plugin of Themify unfortunately I have not the options that I want to do.
    Thank you!

  16. Antonio Rivera Avatar

    Will this themes will also look good on mobile devices?

  17. Kostadin Sotirov Avatar

    Hi guys, can someone please tell me if the PRO version has the "carousel" layout as I cannot seem to find any information about that specific on the information about the plugin. Thank you !

  18. Matthew Sannen Avatar

    Hi Hogan. Is it possible to set the slider pro as 'auto full HEIGHT' so it looks nice on a mobile phone. Because the default is set to auto full width they plug in leaves a lot of blank space below and above the slider when looking in mobile phone view.

  19. Craig Shirley Avatar

    Hi Hogan. Thank you for these great tutorials, I have spent hours watching them and have almost finished building my website which I am very happy with. I wanted to add a slider with a call to action, so bought the add ons, but have got a bit confused with the css, as I am very new to all of this. Is there a generic code I can copy and paste into the CSS, and then just change the percentages to move the button, or do I have to inspect my own and copy that, as this is where I get lost. Thank you

  20. Like Kane Avatar

    How do you code the CSS to move the button up as opposed to down towards the bottom? 0% for both only centers the logo. I did try -40% but non-responsive.

  21. pim Dirik Avatar

    Hi Hogan that pretty nice, how to make logo slider for different brandnames?

  22. Rama Gago Avatar

    I don´t know what is not working. I put a title in the slider pro and I can see it, but I can´t see the images. I uninstall the plugin and reinstalled but the problem persist and I don´t know why everything in the home page disappeared, I have to start all again. I feel frustrated…

  23. Rama Gago Avatar

    Hi hogan, Im having a problem. I build the slider pro and it looks perfect on the themify builder but when I go to the website it doesn´t appear. I saved a thousand times, If i turn off the themify builder I still can watch it, but then I go from other computer or mobile and it doesnt show up. What could it be?

  24. atr8126 Avatar

    wassup bro I just went master on em I'll keep you posted on the work I do

  25. V TM Avatar

    HI Hogan, whats that custom CSS code that you put in for the CTA to be aligned in the centre/centre? Please help.
    thank you.

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