Slider Tutorial with UISlider – Xcode 5 User Interface Series

In this video, you’ll learn how easy it is to add a slider into your iPhone app!

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Learning Objective C doesn’t have to be hard! In these tutorials, you will learn Objective C programming syntax, classes and software design patterns so that you can program iOS apps.

The goal is to get apps submitted into the Apple App Store and to have fun doing it! I will teach you the basics of using XCode, architecting iPhone and iPad applications, designing the user interface, coding it in Objective C, all the way to monetizing it and putting it into the Apple App Store.

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My channel, CodeWIthChris, is about all the aspects of building iOS apps. I’ll post video tutorials on Objective C, XCode, how to submit apps to the Apple App Store, and tutorials on building various types of apps or integrating things like analytics, advertisements etc. You might even find the odd app review here or there!

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8 responses to “Slider Tutorial with UISlider – Xcode 5 User Interface Series”

  1. Ricky Avina Avatar

    Do you have a video on swipe gestures, if so, may you consider making one? I love all your videos, they help beginners like my make simple apps 🙂 Keep on!

  2. Rick Vdl Avatar

    Great videos, such HQ content, keep it up mate!

  3. Bodacious Media Avatar

    Great job Chris, your training is great. I have a new client app to build and I am an Android guy. I became a member last year and I finally moving into iOS. Thanks for for your help. Joe Sprott Bodacious Media 

  4. Jamie Jackson Avatar

    Thanks for coming back!!! Hope you stay

  5. BBM movies Avatar

    Hey there, thanks a lot, i really like your new Series and it is very helpful! Please keep going.
    Best Regards

  6. MHCsk Avatar

    Awesome! More longer video like this!

  7. Hermann Kenson Avatar

    Glad you're back 😀

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