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Making a smoke dispersion effect in photoshop

In this photo effects tutorial i will show you how you can create a face that looks like it was made from smoke and add some really good colors to it so it looks more professional. This video is pretty basic so beginners will also find it helpful.

First of all we will start dispersion effect by adjusting the height of original image using transform tool and then we will use masking to hide the real image. Then is the most important part, using the brush.

as always I have included the smoke dispersion brush download link and then all you have to do is load the brush inside photoshop, you can simply drag and drop the brush or you can go to little gear icon at the right of your brush menu. I have shown this option in video so don’t worry about it. 

Once you import the dispersion brush all you have to do is start painting with it, now this preset has many smoke brush to apply on the face but i mostly used only one and used other brushes for minor work. Also this is super important trial and error part, you will not get great output in the first time.

Then, when you think the smoke effect has started looking good, its time for some color correction, I mostly use curves and some other adjustment layers. And you will have to adjust setting couple of time until you get the final output.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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33 responses to “Smoke dispersion effect | photoshop tutorials cs6”

  1. Mohamed Bakr Avatar

    Awesome work man
    can u please give the download link 4 this Brush i tried to u mine but it wasn't got enough 4 the design (same Photo ) 😀

  2. shabbir master tricks Avatar

    plezzzz ye video 7.1 phtoshop pe sikha do

  3. mustafa ali Avatar

    Thank you. It was a very useful lesson but how can I load the brush

  4. seanandrew8 Avatar

    How to download the brush

  5. Peter Tremayen Avatar

    i cant find the brush you used….need help

  6. shazzadul Avatar

    Nice work . . . . . .

  7. Hina Khan Avatar

    Ps cc2015files didn't extract completely. What's the problem. Send me the right link

  8. Hina Khan Avatar

    I have installed ps cc2014. It need sing in I put my email id and password but it didn't work.

  9. Mahmoud Zemzari Avatar

    I couldn't download the brushes, can someone help me ?

  10. Hackie SparkzZz Avatar

    Hey! The video is really great!. But I'm not able to add the brushes in my Photoshop. I would like to know it that file works or not. If it does can you tell me how i can add it ?. I appreciate it if you could help!

  11. Jaydeep Krishna Avatar

    Hi this Tutorial is awesome! can I know the link to download the brushes pls….

  12. Lily Jane Avatar

    Hi! The tutorial is awesome! But one thing….. How can you change the color of the background into a different color other than yellow? Can you use the selection tool? Its much appreciated if you can help!


    ur accent is weird but ur tutorials make our job alott easier !! so thanks alott

  14. Probikerdh Avatar

    The voice is hillarious…

  15. Ashish Kalsait Avatar

    Hey which photoshop version u are using? ?

  16. Gagan Kumar Avatar

    the download link which u have provided for the brushes is not working

  17. Anuradha Das Avatar

    Hey. I'm sorry for dominating your comments and replying to everyone. Just wanted to help them out. I hope that you have a great day. I love your videos BTW. Yeah sure you are a bit too fast, but I think that I can catch up.

  18. Berkin Taskıran Avatar

    there is no any smoke effect brush, in my photosop cc2015. What can I do? please help me

  19. HJALTE Avatar

    My picture looked awful 🙁

  20. watchara eamsangsai Avatar

    Great TutorialThank you

  21. Simanta Baruah Avatar

    tnk u soo much for reaching me how to use smoke effect tnk u soo much

  22. Simanta Baruah Avatar

    tnk u soo much for reaching me how to use smoke effect tnk u soo much

  23. Mike Dofollo Avatar

    Can you tell me the best place to download the brushes from?

  24. shir harel Avatar

    ?how do you control the brush hardness

  25. OmegaReaper Avatar

    i cant find the brush you used thankyou for the video though!

  26. Vinc Youngblood Avatar

    how to dowload that effect and where i can put it?

  27. pooja mahabare Avatar

    i really like this smoke effects thank you so much ……

  28. Gen Fe Avatar

    I love your tutorials sir! And thanks! I can understand and follow easily 😀

  29. Christian Colarina Avatar

    Thank you so much 🙂 to the tutorial and smoke 🙂

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