Smudge Oil Painting Photo Effect | Photoshop Tutorial cs6 (No Plugins)

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In this tutorial you will learn how to make oil painting using Photoshop cs6 and i am saying cs6 because i will be using a filter that only available in this version of photoshop so keep that in mind.

Now about the tutorial, so this is about how to fake oil painting using filters and smudge tool, and even if you are not a real painter or even if you don’t know basics, you can still follow this tutorial and yes you do not need to download any third party plugins to follow tutorial.

The video will start with me explaining how to open a jpg in camera raw so that you can follow it even if you don’t have raw file. first we will adjust the colors of the image to make it feel oily and then will start making the skin smooth.

i will show you a way to make skin and hair paint on separate layers and then we will use couple of default photoshop filters to make skin shiny oil painting type and then we will use unsharp mask to give it some contrast.I will also show you how you can create fake background without using any other image.

Then i will show you how you can oil paint lips, eyes and other things using smudge tool and how to use different brushes for better output. And for this tutorial i did not skip any important parts even fast forward it, i have kept everything inside the video so that you can see the actual process.

My main target with this video is that you should be able to do this oil painting effect only using photoshop and nothing else like those paid third party plugins. i have seen a lot of doing tutorial using that and not everyone can afford that.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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26 responses to “Smudge Oil Painting Photo Effect | Photoshop Tutorial cs6 (No Plugins)”

  1. Felipe Vidal Avatar

    fantastic!. I'm Brazilian and I'm trying to train this effect by watching your video

  2. GAMING WITH Ken Avatar

    love the way you speak. i have your lot of tutorials…! ^-^

  3. Lord Eva Avatar

    NICE 🙂 thanks for tutor dude

  4. Lucky Laxadhish Avatar

    Great Help 🙂 You really rock bro, Thank you somuch 🙂

  5. Nazir Hakim Avatar

    i have photoshop cc and i dont have oil paining in it so how to add that filter?

  6. Luis Torres Avatar

    Great Tutorial. Thanks. I have seen a lot of smudge tuts and yours is the best so far. Thanks.

  7. Ravi Patel Avatar

    i am using cs6…i got no oil paint filter in it..from where can i get it??

  8. Flexxshitt A Avatar

    help please, I have cc but I cant download the oil paint from their website. well I can download it, but when I install it, it says installer failed to initialize. file not found. Please download adobe support advisor to detect the problem. could someonr help me please? 🙁

  9. sebong aegi Avatar

    i don't have oil paint filter in my photoshop cs 6 🙁 help me out 🙁

  10. RedDirtAlley Photography Avatar

    Great tut! You're hilarious too 🙂

  11. D Foxx Avatar

    great video…  you can take your time with the tutorial, when I was in college, I couldn't tell my professor to hurry-up. j/s

  12. Sajid Anwar Avatar

    I have not oil paint plugins 🙁 in photoshop cc

  13. Karen Refah Zangian Avatar

    WHEN was I supposed to paint the skin… same time as hair????

  14. Loki Pestilence Avatar

    Best tutorial on this

  15. justin melia Avatar

    new photoshop cc wont let me use oil paint filter. great tutorials

  16. Jules Ferlatte Avatar

    Very good try to be right in the middle in your tutorial, you don't want to be too long notre too short, also stop using word lieu thingy or stuff like test but rather use proper term and it will make your tutotial much more compréhensive and professional, in all I like your tutorials, just need some tweeking.

  17. nazmee jannat Avatar

    why doesn't my hair get this texture? please help me.. i tried to lot to get this texture on hair but i failed each time..

  18. Junaid Khan Avatar

    you are owesom man

  19. Sandra Versteegen-Charmant Avatar

    Yes, I ment that. You can open jpg images on RAW in cs5, really, I tried and it worked. We just don't have the oil painting filter so I can't practice this Tutorial…..

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