Soft Lighting Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorial

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in this soft lighting photo manipulation tutorial i will show you how you can composite a studio shot on top of a building and create fake sun and give it really soft lighting effect.

First of all we will start by cutting her from the background and its a red dress with a green background, so it super easy to cut. And for the transparent part of the dress i will show you a trick that we normally use for hair cutting.

Then comes the background ,now i have used to images building as a backdrop and a something as a surface, i think its a road but i am not sure. I will also show you in depth tricks to paint proper shadows so that she dose not look like she is floating in the air. I mean even if you want her to float, you will still need shadows, but that is not the point.

Then we will add a building image as a background and will give it a tilt for no god damn reason. It looks cool, dose that count ? so once everything is in its proper place its time to create the one and only fake sun. Its super simple and i have shown it like million times in my videos.

After the sun is ready i will show you how you can match the lighting of the woman with the lighting of the background and how to make her look like she actually has some sun light on her skin and the some basic shit like how to do all over color grading in the image
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22 responses to “Soft Lighting Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. amry alkhadafi Avatar

    surface photo missing sir

  2. jeisson vasquez guzman Avatar

    i can't find the surface its not available anymore

  3. Ivan Mejia Avatar

    "So letsss get started" lol love it.

  4. Jose Pacheco Avatar

    I'm so glad i found your channel!! you teach very well! better than my professor! lol. really love your videos! keep it up godbless! 😀

  5. Jon White Avatar

    surface photo missing

  6. Pravin Badiger Avatar

    i have learned many steps from all your videos your are great

  7. AJAY SAPALE Avatar

    Thanks Dhruval…….for making photoshop fun

  8. Marie Timmerman Avatar

    Thank you so much for your tutorials!! You are an awesome teacher!!! I have learned so many great tips from you by following along – so thank you again, and please keep the videos coming!!!

  9. beltran brito Avatar

    wow, it's a great tutorial, usefully and fully explained, I do not speak English but I understood everything. thank you

  10. Mike Peterson Avatar

    Nice video – I appreciate you walking through not just the mechanics, but also the thought process.  One question – the one you did in the tutorial makes the girl look like she's floating a little bit above the surface, but your original does not.  How do you fix that?

  11. Manish Suman Avatar

    i like your video + thanks for giving us images link…….
    can you upload again surface image link…….because surface image link has been discarded.

  12. Nelson Naul P L Avatar

    surface?? PROBLEM 🙁

  13. S Onilozay Avatar

    Thank you as always… the lens flare technique was new to me, great! Adding the sun and the color to each layer by curves and clipping mask was great, also. Thank you for all your efforts here. We learn a lot.

  14. Oksana Melnik Avatar

    Really helpful! Thanks a lot!! ^_^

  15. GraemeABarbour Avatar

    Great tutorial – many thanks!

  16. Mailén Arregui Avatar

    Do not have a tutorial in Spanish / Castilian ? (¿No tenes tutoriales en español o castellano ? 

    your tutorials are fantastic . 

    Thanks !

  17. SwipeR NF9 Avatar

    bor can u give the Dowinload link on Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free Download Full Version

  18. Lina Hong Avatar

    Amazing! Where did you learn photoshop anyway? Whatever you said and showed here was actually so easy that on the end I wanted cry because this really showed me that everything is possible. Thank you so much!

  19. Carlos Martins Avatar

    Very Very Good but !!! I have learned a lot from you!

  20. rikky faqurras Avatar

    Great Video and tutorial.

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