splatter effect in photoshop cs6 tutorial / disintegration effect | photo effects [Episode 15]

Photoshop cs6 tutorial showing how to create splatter effect in photoshop , which is also known as disintegration and dispersion effect in photoshop

and as always if you have any questions ask me in the comments and thanks for watching 😉

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24 responses to “splatter effect in photoshop cs6 tutorial / disintegration effect | photo effects [Episode 15]”

  1. Mate12356 Avatar

    hey, whenever i out the texture in soft light it disappears

  2. raven archer Avatar

    thanks man that was awsome. great tutorial 🙂

  3. dustin walker Avatar

    Dude. This tutorial is amazing!!!! I love your work and I have learned so much from your channel! Thanks bro!

  4. v2prod Avatar

    holy sh… that gradient maps are awsome. thanks

  5. Ronnie B Avatar

    Great video mate, as a beginner in FS i love your video's they learn me so much.

    Thank you.

  6. Abdhulla Kamaal Avatar

    how can i download the new brushes

  7. Rahul Kale Avatar

    Enjoyed this one 🙂 So helpful (y)

  8. Ying Yang Avatar

    Awesome tutorial! Thanks 😀

  9. franmol01 Avatar

    fabulous tutorial my friend.

  10. Akash Gupta Avatar

    dont have words bro u helped me to learn soo much
    i'm glad to have a teacher like u 🙂
    u r my youtube vala teacher 🙂

  11. Lisa Maier Avatar

    Once again…AWESOME! Thank, thank, thank you for your great tutorials. "You be jammin bro"!

  12. Popsy Afuluenu Avatar

    My God +Arun kumar and tutorials junction. you guys are brilliant. i love your works, i'm a beginner in photoshop and i've copied most of your stuff. most times, i have problem with brushes and where to get them from. but i still love your works

  13. RoBlax Avatar

    Nice helped me alot!

  14. Satori Sky Avatar

    Yo man your stuff is really cool, I just want to say keep up the awesome work, PEACE! : )

  15. GFX SupreMe Avatar

    Now I know why in your name says Junk.

  16. Mr Video Avatar

    first, what a great designer you are
    my question is do u recommend any website for brushes and tools

  17. Photoshop & Digital Drawing Tutorials Avatar

    Thank you so much for this! This effect is awesome!


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