Star Diffusion Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial covers how to create a super easy star diffusion effect. There’s many ways to create this effect. Although I’ve found this one simple and effective. Hope you enjoy.

Download The Image I Used In This Tutorial

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22 responses to “Star Diffusion Effect – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Elizabeth Cockrill Avatar

    great tutorial! the text at the top that says "hug the subscribe button" hid something that you did, though…

  2. Ashley Reinhardt Avatar

    I love your videos! 🙂

  3. Zinǝdin Avatar

    you best designer 😀

  4. Renzo611 Avatar

    what happened to fire text ?

  5. شرف الدين الغرناطي Avatar

    I love you DuD ♥ you are my hérooooooo

  6. 黎言希 go go li Avatar

    我来自中国的 每期都看 但是更新太慢了  

  7. Thormason - Alles über Minecraft Avatar

    very nice and easy to follow, thumbs up xs

  8. Chairul Azmi Avatar

    music name please 😀

  9. Instrumental Central Avatar

    Thanks for the new tutorial, please upload more like these or text effects

  10. Nagger Figgot Avatar

    Your tutorials are so easy to follow and creative 🙂 love it

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