Step-by-step ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners

Want to learn ASP.NET MVC 5 from scratch in a fun, step-by-step and pragmatic way? Watch this tutorial and get started. This video is part of my BEST-SELLING ASP.NET MVC 5 course on Udemy. For a LIMITED TIME, you can get the course with a BIG DISCOUNT here:

Table of Content:

00:00 Introduction
02:48 ASP.NET MVC Architecture
05:31 Setting Up the Development Environment
07:38 Your First ASP.NET MVC 5 App
14:34 MVC in Action
21:18 Adding a Theme
26:49 Action Results
31:47 Action Parameters
37:42 Convention-based Routing
42:58 Attribute-based Routing
46:27 Passing Data to the Views
50:30 View Models
54:19 Razor Views
58:38 Partial Views

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26 responses to “Step-by-step ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners”

  1. yash maheshwari Avatar

    Hi, I am Yash. This video is excellent and I want to watch all your videos of mvc 5. I am using visual studio 2017. there are some changes in the list of solution explorer.
    I would like to request you to please give me all your videos of ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners.
    Thank you

  2. Manoor Alqahtani Avatar

    the discount is gone 🙁

  3. LinearAlgebra Avatar

    Hi Mosh, Do you have mvc 5 course on pluralsight? Can you please publish that one on pluralsight as well ?

  4. Blueberry Matrix Avatar

    Is it possible to make an ASP.NET Web Forms for Visual Studio 2017. To make a simple application that will kind of give you the basic need to knows…. like in the next to days LOL!

  5. Matthew Testerman Avatar

    17:43 — When did we create the 'Movies' folder? I didn't have one so I had to create one… 18:40 – no pages available to select so created one myself… 19:53 – Intelisense didn't work here so I stopped the tutorial. I am using Visual Studio 2017 Community on a mac so your tutorial probably wont work for me 🙁 If anyone knows any MVC for 2017 please let me know. Thank you. 🙂

  6. John Morris Avatar

    I like how Mosh explains exactly what a MVC is. I have never had an instructor explain it like he did

  7. Syed Safeer Avatar

    Good job man. Simple and sweet

  8. sahil dhawan Avatar

    Doubt: When Mosh created the ViewModel and used return(viewModel), even though my View file has @using Vidly.Models.Movie, that return statement didn't gave any error.

  9. bhagya khedkar Avatar

    best video on MVC and i follow you & i learnt c# from your videos only…thanks a ton mosh 🙂 u r my teacher

  10. ahmed Shaaban Avatar

    i'm crying from Happy 😀
    I Thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mush
    about this Complete free Tutorial 🙂

  11. بیمه عمر ایران ایزدی ۵۸۴۱ Avatar

    Hi Moshfegh 🙂 i am Hamedani too! (born in Hamedan)… proud to watch your success bro. Tnx for your awsome videos….

  12. Nipuna Dilhara Avatar

    Can you do a tutorial for VS 2017 ? there are some differences

  13. MaDNiaC Avatar

    I follow through your video but at some points I lose track. I know what you are doing but I am like "How would I do this by myself from scratch if I were to do it?"

    So let me get this straight, I'll explain what I understood so if I got anything wrong, someone can correct me, hopefully.

    In MVC there are Models, View and Controllers as the base guidelines to use, like a convention or method. Models define our objects to be returned, we set Movie.cs model for example and define get and set parameters for the class and import and use it in other classes. Then we have Controllers for pages we are building which inherits the built-in Controllers class which in combination with RouteConfig, defines which URL returns what. When we go to "Random" in "MoviesController", by default we are using "/Movies/Random" URL and rendering the correlated .cshtml page based on the parameters we pass along in the "Random" class and we can add optional or necessary parameters like "id" or release date etc etc.

    Correct me if I have it wrong.

    When we are building the app, we first create a Model like a Customer, a Book, a Shop etc. Then we create a Controller and direct it to a URL in combination with RouteConfig then render the URL by using Views or ViewModels, is that how it's done? That's what I understood, hopefully I'm right or at least somewhat on track. We correlate Customers, Books they read and Shop they bought it from etc. to our liking and display them on the URLs (.cshtml) we modify, which is the front-end?

    I'd really appreciate some clarification as it got a little bit messy in my head. Thanks for the tutorial though Mosh, as always it's really nice to follow your instructions as you explain things well, it's just me that got it a little bit mixed up I guess.

  14. sahil dhawan Avatar

    Shortcut for adding View: You can go to your controller file, right click on your Action name and select Add View.

  15. SIXGB Online Shopping Store Avatar

    Thanku soOOooOOo much Mosh, you are the best teacher ever

  16. anon ymous Avatar

    very very good. wish he taught my class

  17. ishu sambamoorthi Avatar

    Hi Mosh, thanks for the wonderful session. As you mentioned in the video , where would I find the pdf to complete the task?

  18. priya verma Avatar

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  19. Rahul More Avatar

    thnx mosh, I love this tutorial actually you clear most of my doubts thnx buddy

  20. José Cuenca Avatar

    Hi Mosh!! Thank you very much for this incredible course. One question. Is there any chance of adding a section on how to design reports with MVC, such as a master-detail report? The tutorials I found out there are not very clear to me, and I know that with you would be something else, because you have a simple way of explaining things and that makes it much easier to understand. I hope you can answer me.

  21. Emeka Elo-Chukwuma Avatar

    please what code editor is this

  22. Ray De Leon Avatar

    can u tell me the spects of your pc in this video?? ur pc is super fast

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