Stephen’s Sausage Roll : This Melts Brains

Tonight I’m going to take on yet another extremely complex puzzle game named Stephen’s Sausage Roll. Join me live at 7PM EST to find out if it will melt my brain!!!






14 responses to “Stephen’s Sausage Roll : This Melts Brains”

  1. Andrew Williamson Avatar

    Every single Dutch toilet you have to pay for.

    Seriously there isnt a toilet in that country that isn't making a profit.

  2. ampersandexplainer Avatar

    Game gets a lot easier when you start using Z to undo your last move. That being said if its not your thing i look forward to the next game 🙂 Would recommend Portal 2, or for something completely different The Stanley Parable – more of an interactive experience then a game

  3. Stalin Smilin Avatar

    Hello Derek you're awesome.

  4. Iviaca Lena Avatar

    I thought it was a low-calorie-recipe video when I saw the title. XD

  5. Clumsy Jester Avatar

    So far you have only seen the most basic mechanics: simply pushing sausages around. However, in later levels you will be able to poke sausages (which alters the way you move), stand on top of sausages (yes, this game is 3D and later contains ladders), put sausages on top of your head and drop your fork. So you have seen one of five mechanics. I don't want to disctract you from making tutorials, but this game would definitely be worth another look.

  6. Vidit Khandelwal Avatar

    Can you make android game development tutorials

  7. Akagami Ng Avatar

    Derek, in what language will you be using in covering Zelda's tutorials, C#?

    And what other software do we need aside from (possibly)Unity/Visual Studio?

  8. Doan Ahmed Avatar

    Hard game 😀 , can you cover mobile application development with xamarin? , I watched lots of your videos, thank you for each one of them.

  9. Alexis M Hernandez Avatar

    Reminds me of WoodysGamertag

  10. Chris Fritz Avatar

    Yes! Zelda please!

  11. RandomSilly Avatar

    This game looks challenging but boring too 🙁 doesn't add any spice

  12. Akagami Ng Avatar

    Glad that you're able to find time for yet another gaming livestream right after the completion of Talos Principle, you're the best, Derek, keep up with the fun contents!

  13. Linkin Pаrk Avatar

    Missed the live stream again… Its been 2 weeks since I last saw a live stream in time 🙁

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