Stop wasting your time and money at universities!

Want to become a professional software engineer? All you need is passion and determination, not a degree. Universities make you pay for the subjects you’ll never use in the real world.

You can become a software developer right from your bedroom. At, we give you all the resources you need to become a top professional software engineer.

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20 responses to “Stop wasting your time and money at universities!”

  1. KoPLLlyH Avatar

    Finally people start to realize this! I can really recommend Mosh, his courses are really amazing! So much improved my codding.

  2. AliReza Beytari Avatar

    Your courses are truly the best!

  3. Juan Luna Lama Avatar

    90% of what I’ve learned was obtained from internet tutorials and online courses like your content. I am very glad that you make this video to show the real situation of the programming world. Universities are basically a waste of money (and time) unless you really need maths or statistics for things like big data, but if you only want to become a web developer the only thing you are gonna need is practicing with a programming language until you feel comfortable with it. Here in Spain and some Europe countries there are so much companies complaining about the current educational system and how universities don’t care about the real needs of the actual market, you are not even learning practical content and then when you finish your studies you are definitely not ready to take a real jobs…

  4. Ian Chang Avatar

    but you kind of need some common sense on those subjects haha

  5. Ramin Jafary Avatar

    Mosh we miss you every single day, from Hamedan with love

  6. Ankit Bansal Avatar

    Mosh, you are really awesome in teaching concepts. I always try to find my answers from your courses and actually, I am able to do that. Thanks for all your efforts.

  7. suho lee Avatar

    It's not good idea in Korea….
    Skill < University

  8. Forest Evanson Avatar

    Just get a CS degree and LEARN programming with Mosh, then you have twice as much knowledge.

  9. Kshitiz Bhargav Avatar

    hi mosh, plz one course on Payment Gateway Integration.

  10. David Mireles Avatar

    I love these courses for quick exposure to new technologies, but I'm very happy I finished my degree. It's simply made me a better person. And there's no way you can do advanced things like Artificial Intelligence without calculus and probability or build a compiler without some understanding of automata and formal logic. If you're just looking or a job, then this is absolutely the way to go. But the biggest difference between education and vocational training is that education is learning things you didn't know you wanted to know.

  11. mospies Avatar

    thank god this argument is still going

  12. Gilbert Rosario Avatar

    I'm very happy that I found this guy, he's the best instructor I have ever seen… I'm always looking for new content from him.

  13. emanandchill Avatar

    Nice ad. I don't even watch your videos.

  14. Rio The Hitman Avatar

    Unfortunately a lot of jobs will not higher you without a degree

  15. Ali Ahmadian Avatar

    mosh!!! You are the best!!!! And i have studied architecture but found my pasion in technology and software. So here i am! 🙂

  16. Lane Romel Avatar

    My son graduated from a university co-op programming program. He made $70,000 after paying the costs of university. When he graduated he walked into a $150,000 dollar job.
    From my own experience with my kids if you are not smart enough to get scholarships, and high paying work terms you probably should not be in university in the first place.

  17. Rudra Pratap Singh Avatar

    You are amazing teacher Mosh. I wanna say one thing, I agree that university courses like MS, is waste of time and money but aren't these degree entry doors for big companies for a developer? Because some companies have minimum criteria for the jobs like MS etc?

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