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7 responses to “Strange Ways To Overcome Creative Block! | Creative Bar”

  1. Dinara Halikova Avatar

    For me, the most helpful strategy to overcome the creative block is to list/draw out every possible stupid idea that comes to mind. Somehow after I list all the stupid solutions, after I intentionally create the worst possible designs that are completely stupid and boring and hideous my brain restarts and generates a few good ideas because I've run out of the bad ones 😀

  2. Ralph Cifra Avatar

    "creative" x 999999

  3. Badr Avatar

    every time i see you , you remind me of Alberto Moreno .. Good Video keep it up

  4. OkOhYeah Avatar

    Francis Bacon worked in a crazy studio mess everywhere 😀 When he died they moved his studio into a gallery to display as art!
    I'm loving all the videos keep up the good work 🙂
    DrawWithGeorge x

  5. isntitgreen Avatar

    is this video inspired by Simon Cade (DSLRguide)?

  6. Stanley TheKidd Avatar

    Hey, thank you very much for sharing your ideas! It definitely got me thinking and what got me motivated was "I just plow through it". It reminded me of the "just start" method which focuses on the idea that motivation often comes with action. So I think that probably is true for creativity as well. I hope this makes sense.

  7. Tadas Neverdauskis Avatar

    Most of the time I need to overcome lazyness, it's my creative block. But if I find an inspiration, I will spend every second on the project til it's done. We are different people and I think we all have our different creative blocks and solutions how to overcome those blocks.

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