Sublime Text Custom Settings and Split Layout (Tutorial #12)

I finally launched the full workflow course!

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29 responses to “Sublime Text Custom Settings and Split Layout (Tutorial #12)”

  1. Andres Lanzoni Avatar

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to go from one Layout to another?

  2. Chaoli Zhang Avatar

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I spent the whole day went through your videos, and I think I mastered 40-50% of sublime. Truly awesome work!

  3. 钱祥星 Avatar

    It is a great tutorial showing us how amazing sublime is! Thank you for your videos.

  4. Jatinderjit Singh Avatar

    What a great Tutorial,, I love your teaching , and want to learn more and more… Tnks.

  5. Al-amin Jibril Avatar

    sublime is the best text editor

  6. marc hayes Avatar

    just watched all your videos man what a great job im learning lua and this got me excited thanks

  7. Bhushan Nikhar Avatar

    Thank you for wonderful course.

  8. BeztOof Avatar

    Hey man! first of all, thank you for your great tutorial 🙂
    I was writing a "tips&tricks.txt" file about sublime with many shortcuts inside, and you gave me the opportunity to enlarge it a lot !

    I still have one question though, could you show us how to import/export our settings from one computer to another, with many way ? ( usb key, git,, ..)

    Thanks ! <3

  9. KeyStrokes Avatar

    Awesome tutorial man, thanks.

  10. Okaneganaide suyoneee Avatar

    why your voice is so sexy? audacity?

  11. Hendalf Grey Avatar

    Thnx for a course. Nice! So, where i can find "Sass Architechture and Organization" course?

  12. nixon nixus Avatar

    Its just a text editor, what''s there to learn?……A LOT.

  13. chikhaoui mongi Avatar

    Thank you very very very very mutch

  14. Vulcan Viper Avatar

    I can't get the caret_extra_width working. I checked the syntax so many times I lost count, I even quit and reopened Sublime Text. What can I do?

    Just in case you still suspect I made a typo – hey, I'm human 🙂 – here's what I entered into the preferences file.

    "caret_extra_width": 3,

  15. bijay singh Avatar

    Thanks Brad for this awesome course… sublime text editor is my new best friend 😛 😛

  16. CookRight EatRight Avatar

    Thank You So Much!
    To Paraphrase Neo…
    "I know Sublime Text."

  17. Nguon Sotheavuth Avatar

    Thanks man, that's very helpful 🙂

  18. Ling talfi Avatar

    Just watched through everything, didn't know Sublime could do all that. Those tutorials should be on the official doc. Thanks.

  19. Landon Rivers Avatar

    Just watched through everything. thanks for making this. I feel comfortable with sublime now, and I'll probably end up buying a license.

  20. Michael Li Avatar

    Thanks~~~~ for this tutorial

  21. Iobi123 Avatar

    Great videos man. My favorite part of the whole series is that in each video you say:

    "Subliiime text". 🙂

    Good job.

  22. Flip Tube Avatar

    Snippet is the best feature

  23. Arif Billah Avatar

    Your videos are simply very useful. Thanks! Keep producing informative videos like this for us. I always like to discover something related to web development that most people don't know about and then simply let them know. That's what I experienced in this video.

  24. BlackHawk1912 Avatar

    This series was AWSOME. I instantly fall in love with sublime text. Was this the last free video on youtube of this series?

  25. xeni dev Avatar

    You have a new student! English is my second language. I understand every word you say..I have been looking for a simple tutorial like this for months. Thank you! The only problem is that I cannot find a Tutorial #6. Does it exist?

  26. respon sive Avatar

    Thanks for this useful tutorial 🙂
    can i download them on my PC?
    +can you teach parallax website design in this channel 

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