Sublime Text Goto Anything (Tutorial #3)

I finally launched the full workflow course!

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22 responses to “Sublime Text Goto Anything (Tutorial #3)”

  1. Арсений Буров Avatar


  2. Sanjib Poon Avatar

    You are really helpful. Thank you very much for sharing all these.

  3. Rick D Avatar

    Immensely useful. I feel like I have superpowers now. Thanks a lot.

  4. Deep Shah Avatar

    Hie.. is there any package which helps me to find direct path of image in my HTML file..??

  5. Pharmokan z Avatar

    we're off to the races

  6. D.C Siona Avatar

    Great videos mate. Keep it up.

  7. Bhushan Nikhar Avatar

    Hi, Learnt a lot from your videos about sublime. Please make it payable. Things you're teaching and style of teaching demands that such course be -payable. Glad you shared for free though. All the best.

  8. Photoshopuzr Avatar

    i have bin using DW for years and have bin using notepad++ for a while too but sublime text blows them away its great for wordpress pages and posts, love the plugins i use it for renaming my image names and numbers something that DW and notepad++ could never do right, now 6hrs of work is down to just min's and i can spend that time learning other things, thanks allot for this and the application is lightweight but powerful i will be using this from now on. thanks for your help.

  9. Stephen S Avatar

    @6:00 Ctrl+R does this on PC

  10. Johan Abelson Avatar

    Hi and thanks!
    What about having project with files opened via FTP?
    I work remotely to my company server and rarely edit local files.


  11. Guram Kankava Avatar

    Thank you very much, very useful.

  12. Shahanur Sharif Avatar

    I jealous you. you are too good.

  13. Leverquin Avatar

    what is that number when you search something: that teal number? number of words/letters? what?

  14. Stephen Drake Avatar

    I didn't know iDubbbz did Sublime Tutorials… but for real, this is so helpful

  15. Up4lIFe Avatar

    How do I get thoose colors in sublime text I rly find them useful but my text/code is all in white.

  16. Bruce Coad Avatar

    Great tutorials LearnWebCode thanks – much appreciated.

    Do you have any cheat sheets for some of the commands you've mentioned or any cheatsheets you can recommend?

  17. Brian Gorman Avatar

    thank you so much for these videos. i do about one video every few days to let the new skills sink in, and it is helping me at work immensely. great work on these. your channel is a hidden treasure!

  18. rock00dom Avatar

    Awesome tutorial, man!

  19. Harry TM Avatar

    Thanks for these such a useful tips, I've using sublime for quite long but didn't know about many of the things that you told in this video. And I'm your new subscriber and gonna watch your more videos. hooray!

  20. Mikkel Junker Avatar

    awesome stuff. Looking forward to using these great tools on my projects-

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