Sublime Text Introduction (Tutorial #1)

I finally launched the full workflow course!

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20 responses to “Sublime Text Introduction (Tutorial #1)”

  1. William Ellerbe Avatar

    Thanks to the incredible overview from your video, I will add Sublime Text 3 to my Web Development tool set. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  2. Sexy Leases Avatar

    There are lots of videos but you can put the speed to 1.25 and get through them quicker. He talks slow so 1.25 speed is just fine here

  3. Semeth Avatar

    Is it just me or is that Bucky Roberts' voice?

  4. Csaba Dunai Avatar

    great video! it has made clear that I'll stick with him. however I really appreciate your work. I wanted to make an informed decision and your video helped to do that! thanks

  5. Visakh Vijayan Avatar

    awesome … keep up the good work man

  6. Scotty Roxwell Avatar

    Great video! Thank you for making it!

  7. Ghasak Mothafer Avatar

    Dear Sir, do you have a tutorial on how to make a new syntax, I have a programming language which is not listed in Sublime,

  8. Allan Eriksen Avatar

    Excellent examples and to the point!

  9. liya samuel Avatar

    hey that was a great informative class

  10. Hyeonil Choi Avatar

    Information~. Thank you.

  11. Ljiljana Tarabaric Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, you are very good in teaching, I just finished your series of sublime, best I find, thanks 🙂

  12. Jonathan Kuhl Avatar

    The short cut for wrapping with tags on a Mac is [Control][Shift][W].

    [CMD][Shift][W] closes Sublime.

  13. asha gaire Avatar

    does this functions work in sublime text 2??

  14. onee Avatar

    Do not press CTRL + SHIFT + W. It turns Sublime Text 3 off on PC! 😛

  15. Drew Quinton Avatar

    Could you provide the text of your examples in the description so I can copy-paste and do the exercises along with the video? Thank you!

  16. marc hayes Avatar

    well love the txt editor but how do u get the console to show your work. i have been all over the place but no luck. have a text/ide but not as nice as sublime but cant be picky right

  17. Naeem Faizie Avatar

    thanks so mach form this video, i have been solve main problem with this teaching

  18. bhar vinanu bhantar Avatar

    hi me img tag type karenge to ushki property alt attribute width height sublime me short cut btyena uska kya plugin insatl karna pdega{con+shift+p} karke ?

  19. kfumaster Avatar

    Nice, I've learned hotkeys enough until the part where ALT + SHIFT + W will closed the application, but I've noticed that it's also binded into wrap selection with tag.

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