Sublime Text Key Bindings (Tutorial #9)

I finally launched the full workflow course!

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8 responses to “Sublime Text Key Bindings (Tutorial #9)”

  1. Scotty Roxwell Avatar

    What if the shortcut you type in is already taken????

  2. Alexander Leibig Avatar

    Great Tutorial !
    I had problems to find the exact name of command.
    I think I looking for more tutorials you made 😉

  3. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    the first short cut to the command doesnt show up in the menu structure along with the full name of the command;
    but the second one does. why?

  4. Gosn Ognjen Silni Avatar

    { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+r"], "command": "reindent" , "args": { "single_line": false } }

    better command, dont have to sellect all 😀

    and check out:

  5. Emprende Web Avatar

    thanks a lot for all your videos is perfect, I have a question i try to bild a key binidng user for comment in  php, can you tell me please how can i do it?. thank you very much

  6. EMCSoftwareSolution1 Avatar

    Use Visual Studio – it works much better

  7. Jon Krieger Avatar

    Dang this is helpful

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