Sublime Text Line and Indentation Tools (Tutorial #2)

I finally launched the full workflow course!

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30 responses to “Sublime Text Line and Indentation Tools (Tutorial #2)”

  1. Gail McFadden Avatar

    Some body please help me with saving my sublime projects. I've made several project, and saved them but I can't get them to open again.

  2. Hector F. Jimenez Saldarriaga Avatar

    Cool man , I was using vim in the past to do my work but after a few couple of years I want to give it a try to other editors..including sublime…

  3. hisham sham Avatar

    how u make the text colour

  4. cardinalraven Avatar

    Excellent vids. Thank you very much for posting. Truly appreciated. See you on Udemy!!!

  5. Abrham Bas Avatar

    Ctrl Shift+k also is the same as SHift+del

  6. bhar vinanu bhantar Avatar

    hi me img tag type karenge to ushki property alt attribute width height sublime me short cut btyena uska kya plugin insatl karna pdega{con+shift+p} karke ?

  7. Conghuai Cai Avatar

    it's a good course for me. Thank you.

  8. Reffa Raffa Avatar

    why is the <li> hot pink? on my screen its white is my sublime text broken

  9. Apri Jaelani Avatar

    thanks for this info, this help me to code.

  10. Van Bawi Thawng Avatar

    Hi thanks for your tutorials, You are a legend. I am trying to learn coding using your tutorials, can you please tell me how to you colour code those specific words ? please

  11. ajdj pok Avatar

    just to know about linux mate… shall we use mac or win one.

  12. Chandan Kumar Avatar

    Great video. Most of the time I come across some html and xmls which are in one line. How can I indent it to readable format using sublime? Sublime text Reindent option doesnt work for such text. Till now I am using Eclipse editor which provides format option (ctrl+shift+F).

  13. TibiaESP Avatar

    Do you know a plugin or something usefull to check if the xml code is correct? I think people call it "validate". Thanks!

  14. Pandastic Tunes Avatar

    Thanks man. This is really useful and saves a lot of time.

  15. Ling talfi Avatar

    still learned something in this lesson, thanks

  16. AxozGames Avatar

    how to put pictures and words on the same line?

  17. Andrea Farina Avatar

    ctrl + [ or ] doesn't work for me.. and i have some dot instead of a empty space why? How can I leave this dots? Nice tutorial bty I 'm subscribing at once.

  18. 李会平 Avatar

    it is fantastic!fabulous!

  19. Conor Mac Avatar

    No way! It just gets better.
    Literally Sublime! Thanks man. I finally got my head around CodeKit and Sass this week too! An old skooler havin' a phoenix moment.
    Wonder Full. Actually Sublime.

  20. Rohit Narayan Jaiswal Avatar

    how to select a single line in sublime text with keyboard shortcut ?

  21. sudana irsyad anry Anry Avatar

    tank's bro…
    you make me inspired to learn
    permission to download the tutorial

  22. John Paul Borrego Avatar

    ugh how did you get the txt to have color???

  23. jasonc_tutorials Avatar

    You sir saved me a lot of time. 🙂

  24. NinjaVikingFun Avatar

    holy crap, i had no idea about ctrl+shift+v

  25. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    re-indent didn't work for me.

  26. malbaro27 Avatar

    u do a good work

  27. Youyou Zigga Avatar

    brad as a master of the universe… he has sh*t to do… thx brad awsome tutorials! may the gods bless you and your children

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