Summer Fashion – Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how to add some nice color effects to your portrait, the main tools used in this episode are adjustment layers.

Download the image I used here:

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24 responses to “Summer Fashion – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. aznboi4sa1e Avatar

    This is pretty cool but how did you come up with the blue, purple, yellow? +photoshop tutorials

  2. 911 CHUNG Avatar

    A happy and lovely video 😀

  3. hassan mahdi Avatar

    Thanks for helping ,I am making beautiful effects and that's all because of you,thanks

  4. Khalid Mandani Avatar

    helpful in a short time. liked it 😉

  5. Rok Avšič Avatar

    you know the fill and the opacity are the same thing in that case right? fill is just for effects like shadow and stuff

  6. Elle vulki Avatar

    thank you so muchhhhhhhhh this is  so helpful <3

  7. shefu jamir Avatar

    pliz name of the music instrument??

  8. Opasan Cipiripi Avatar

    You are  really goood ! Can you please make 1 tutorial where you talk about photoshop, so you can share your experience ? 🙂 

  9. FINIX Avatar

    very helpful…looks so wonderful!

  10. JCB Avatar

    Okay so can you help me? I just made an Adobe account to get the trial of PS. However, when it starts, it says that the trial is already over. 🙁 Any suggestions?

  11. tika maya Avatar

    Short and effective way to make photos beautiful. But i find that resultant color effect which has come at the end depends on the nature of photo.

  12. starshipppz Avatar

    Love the new tutorial
    there's a lot of people copying your tutorials tho! 

  13. Soviphou Muong Avatar

    Why don't u speak? It's a lots easier to learn, u know.

  14. erickroav Avatar


  15. Sanjit Roy Avatar

    Short and Sweet…!

  16. Shane AMVs Avatar

    Another tutorial! NICE!

  17. Video Tutorials Avatar

    Nice tutorial … 😀

  18. FanciArt Avatar

    That's really easy. I'm a beginner with Photoshop, so your tutorials really help me. Thanks for that 🙂

  19. Phiter Fernandes Avatar

    Nice and easy, great tutorial 😀

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