Super Paddle: Game Library [DOWNLOAD]

This video we look at a game I made using a game library that I created a while ago. The library was really fascinating as I was going through it and wanted to share it with you guys!

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16 responses to “Super Paddle: Game Library [DOWNLOAD]”

  1. ecksdee Avatar

    I wish you would explain this lib!! That would be amazing

  2. GNOOR1S Avatar

    Media fire went down when I clicked it 😀

  3. ShockMinerX Avatar

    You should make a tutorial on how to use it. Looks really neat!

  4. InspireAndInnovative Avatar

    How would I install it as a library in eclipse???????? Pls help

  5. serg. nik Avatar

    Maybe I will put a video explaining this in 2 weeks.

  6. Anasse Avatar

    Nice game man !

  7. Meat Fork Avatar

    I like the outro, RealTutsGML!

  8. BigBang1112tm Avatar

    cool library 😛
    im trying to do the same in c#, but its hard to do high performance rendering there

  9. Rugbug Redfern Avatar

    This is really cool. I just want to know how to make the game fullscreen though – could you make a tutorial on just how to do that, not using the engine?

  10. AnimationMan Avatar

    Please explain the library in a next tutorial.


  11. Notorious Avatar

    i wana learn how to fullscreen!!

  12. Notorious Avatar

    Please explain this engine in a video!!!

  13. Charanor Avatar

    Hey Tuts, could it be possible to have a page for Java libraries on codingmadesimple? Because I've made a few libraries, including a library for easy creation of trading card games which I'm pretty proud of and would like people to test and use them :).

  14. scroobgames Avatar

    and i'm third with commenting lol

  15. scroobgames Avatar

    pleas finish the 3D tutorials of game maker

  16. SegloGames Avatar

    That's cool! I totally forgot all of Java but this is making me want to go back to it 🙂

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