Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 1 – The Beginning

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35 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 1 – The Beginning”

  1. Vsauce Mikàl Avatar

    wait the friend that survived 8 days did he die

  2. Austin Mcdonald Avatar

    where is the first series with Gerard?

  3. Yeediatable Avatar

    For a moment I thought the guy who survived eight days in the wild was the one sitting next to him….I was like,….'HE went eight days without a steak or burger???…..wait a minute…where exactly is this place in the 'wild'?'

  4. P4ND4 Avatar


  5. Zelderlee Gaming Avatar

    Dude you must have been hungry after those 8 days =D

  6. Regan Ashton Avatar

    where abouts did you survive what area?


    and I have a flint and magnesium that looks the same


    I have the same knife 😀

  9. That Crazy Bear Avatar

    "He survived 8 days." DOESN'T THAT MEAN HE'S DEAD.

  10. Fords Running Avatar

    I watched you series in 2009 it was great

  11. ASDF 1234 Avatar

    Oh my Java Teacher goes outside?

  12. Avatar

    Ur friend died in 8 days

  13. Trevin Krause Avatar

    im 16, living in the northeast US (PA) and I am thinking f doing this, the only stuff I would bring with me is a basic survival kit (knife,flint/steel,rope,and 1 cotton ball) IF I do do this, I will record it, but after watching this, I am a bit scared, haha, but other than that, I LOVED YOUR SERIES! this and the last one, I just dont want to see a bear… or poisoness snakes, or eat poisoness frogs….

  14. KingMartinelli Avatar


  15. Thanos Paravantis Avatar

    This series is definitely better than the previous one. More interactive and more entertaining.

    We hope you are alive bucky!

  16. xXbman12Xx Avatar

    I saw #1 when Gerard got $800

  17. Shady Avatar

    I watched this before it was cool

  18. Gabriel Flores Avatar

    man your friend used to be in shape

  19. MuffinMan Avatar

    Gerard got lost and almost died, this must of sounded like a good idea

  20. hayden kirkham Avatar

    I just watched the whole thing.  Your camera work and documentary were amazing and i became very emotionally attached to the series.  I liked every one!

  21. CaptainLambo Avatar

    I saw the first series… He got 700 dollars xD

  22. Ashton Greig Avatar

    are you and Gerard still friends because he was cool 

  23. Jeehoo Ahn Avatar

    it's nice to see the face and casualness behind the great videos.

  24. Joshua Barber Avatar

    Jobe let himself go in those few years lol

  25. Larry Hybl Avatar

    I started watching your Python vids, then found this. Reminds me of my Appalachian Trail trek in 1976. The wilderness can be unforgiving, but a great way to learn to be resourceful. Well done!

  26. NLCoDe Avatar

    Minecraft and Don't starve in real life

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