Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 11 – Drinking Water at the End of the Day

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39 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 11 – Drinking Water at the End of the Day”


    you should of dug a hole and put the fire in it and got your speer to hold your pot

  2. NameWithheld Avatar

    Eats raw minnows.
    Won't drink life-saving river water because of "parasites."

  3. M Disle Avatar

    2:29 little fish jumping…

  4. EpicGames Avatar

    Should have brought a britta filter … πŸ˜‰

  5. ashbrown13 Avatar

    why not hold the bowl in the cold water in the stream to cool it down in 5 minutes?

  6. Hamet Cakir Avatar

    add piece coal to make water tastier

  7. Philip Tinius Avatar

    Are you seriously scared of drinking the water from the river? In Soviet Russia water drinks you.

  8. GlobalPlanRecordsTV Avatar

    fair play to you mate at least you have the balls to go through with something like this. one question what did you sleep in? did you build a camp?

  9. snow quad Avatar

    Relee24 no that's just a camera newer then 1995 they adjust by themselves

  10. relee24 Avatar

    Is he not out there alone? Look at 2:12, he picks up the tripod to show the rock wall and then at 2:20 when he puts it back down something adjusts the pitch of the camera up and then back to center.

  11. Forever Outdoors Avatar

    if the fish is smaller than 3 inches you can eat it raw

  12. Isaac Rajaei Avatar

    I think don't go any where.. stay here only… life is gonna be even harder :))

  13. Sadarias CurledLife Avatar

    Taste like ash…but its good lol

  14. Adam Avatar

    Taste like what? Ass!??!?! Oh wait…

  15. soapng2001 Avatar

    Water is the best if you are thirsty a long time. if you did not have a experience, you don't know that.

  16. SomeGamez Avatar

    Was supposed to be a joke, perhaps a smiley would have made that more clear.

  17. lil' condawg Avatar

    your freind shoulda given u a canteen even bear grylls has one

  18. Dieter Lewis Avatar

    wow man!!! This is real life!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  19. SomeGamez Avatar

    Tastes like ass?

  20. EGoksy Avatar

    If you need to cool the hot water, i don't know if it works on boiling water … fill up the bottle with it, wrap it in some wet cloth and leave it in the wind.
    The water tries to vaporize from cloth… it's taking the energy from hot water ad cools it in process. This is tested.. used by solders in the desert to keep the water cool πŸ˜‰

  21. Christopher Alben Avatar

    He said it took 20 min for the water to cool down as if that's forever, the pot is cast iron, 20 min is fast!

  22. puck462 Avatar

    The ash is good for your digestive system. It acts as a natural filter.

  23. alex054739 Avatar

    Hey at leasts it tastes like something! πŸ™‚

  24. RoonilWazlib Avatar

    "it tastes like ash…Ahh its good" LOL

  25. sausagehurts boomya Avatar

    how did he wipe his ass

  26. PunnyMan Avatar

    Did he say it taste like ass or ash?

  27. Fantastic_Doom Avatar

    Actually its more like 3 days without water… But i totally agree with you otherwise

  28. IICaTz Avatar

    good idea πŸ™‚

  29. rainbowsalads Avatar

    use a branch/stick to hook through the handle and then carry it to an area pre-prepared with rocks under the waterline so the pot is stable.

  30. IICaTz Avatar

    the handle is metal the metal gets hot >.>

  31. squeezyMcqueezy Avatar

    "Ash," the new flavor from Dasani.

  32. Graptor82 Avatar

    a person can go days without food, but will not survive for more than a day without water. Also if the water it's running, then it's probably 75% safe to drink. I didn't know this series was up, I am always looking at thenewbostontv for vlog videos. Now I have plenty of Bucky to go for a while ( no homo I think idk).

  33. Ripcurl6 Avatar

    Why is the camera auto stabilizing at 2:20…?

  34. Appleslaryer Avatar

    if you put a boiling hot cast iron pot in cold water it explodes

  35. Greg Van Gorp Avatar

    should've packed some ice cubes πŸ˜‰

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