Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 14 – On Top of the Mountain

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48 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 14 – On Top of the Mountain”

  1. vexe Avatar

    the mountain view is awesome!!! I got it as a wallpaper 😀

  2. John Flickinger Avatar

    thank god for the muscle and fat reserves no? haha

  3. Veritex Studios LLC Avatar

    you know though this is a great place to start a cult! Just bring you and some willing participants and fuck them and create a cult…! I wouldn't do that though, i'd probably create a buddhist temple which only excepts people who can reach the mountain… Or I might try and make a type of secret tech research facility that uses only solar panels so no one notices the giant wires coming into the area and cuts them down

  4. John Smith Avatar


  5. articuno03 Avatar

    These arent mountains. I would know. I live in Colorado. There just hills

  6. soapng2001 Avatar

    I have to say the wild make a boy to be a man.

  7. Alex Gabel Avatar

    On top of that: That's the reason we are with so many humans today compared to before, then they didn't have clean water and many died at a very young age.

  8. robbish7 Avatar

    it is not that they had better immune system it is that they had cleaner water then we do today, and to BrooklynXT1, underground waters are cleaner than one in rivers and pounds.

  9. Ciber Avatar

    PERFECT place to do bigfoot calls!!!

  10. Wiil Waal Avatar

    I agree wit U

  11. Howtodothatshit Avatar

    Yeah, why wouldn't he, roflmao.

  12. Lucie Troidé Avatar

    He says he's studying microbiology. Why would he lie on Youtube ??

  13. MrQuarternion Avatar

    Actually, sir, I am not American and I am not being paranoid. I didn't say that he would definitely contract a disease but there is the possibility he could have which i was just pointing out to that person. Please don't make sweeping statements when you aren't sure that they're fitting.

  14. Raik Avatar

    Paranoia, typical disease of America today.

  15. MrQuarternion Avatar

    Haha ^^' I just remember this from GCSE biology and my own random fact knowledge so you could probably expand on my answer tenfold!

  16. Bartonium Avatar

    You made me laugh.

  17. Owen Piercey Avatar

    you should go see a doctor wait…

  18. Bartonium Avatar

    grammar mistake is because i am dutch. i have worked alot with E.coli K12 this strain is commonly used in my study. i know how to identify the following genera: Mycobacterium, Clostridium, Bacillus, Streptococcus, Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Sarcina, Lactobacillus, Bifidibacterium, Pseudomonas, Vibrio, Klebsiella, Escherichia, Enterobacter, Proteus, Salmonella, Neisseria. I know how to determine the CFU/mL. Escherichia coli is found in the colon of many mammals.

  19. Howtodothatshit Avatar

    You don't study shit, you're just backing him up because those words, were put by a clever person, which you admire. And so do I, but I'm not too afraid to admit it, coming up with shitty excuses.
    Even your grammar says that you're not studying micro-biology.

  20. Bartonium Avatar

    that is totally true. and you can trust me, because i'm studying microbiology.

  21. Adam Krivoshein Avatar

    Ok. I'm sorry. Thank your for your advice. I never really thought about it that way. Thanks.

  22. Danny Hodge Avatar

    I wasn't annoyed with the ads, its the short length of the episodes i was commented on…
    And don't advertise adblocker – if everyone uses it, then barely any internet business' will actually survive. Bucky most likely gets the majority of his money from ads, so blocking them is fucking over all your favorite YouTubers.

  23. Adam Krivoshein Avatar

    1. Use google chrome
    2. Search chrome store
    3. Look at most popular apps
    4. Get ad block
    5. Get frustrated when you have to use another computer and see youtube ads

  24. MrQuarternion Avatar

    I'm sorry to be so blunt, but you're wrong. Especially because this water is out in the wilderness it is very likely to be infested with microscopic larvae or eggs or any number of lethal diseases. Its possible to contract Typhoid, Salmonella, SARS, Hepatitis A and Cholera to name but a few of the more well known ones. Yes it is considered unclean by today's standards but remember; our distant ancestor had a much better immune system than us, growing up in our near sterile environments.

  25. MCEriador Avatar

    Why so many minecraft comments? This is something called… REAL LIFE!

  26. PeckhamKopite Avatar

    poor poor Bucky 🙁

  27. lineriderman7 Avatar

    Spoiler Alert: He dies at the end.

  28. hohoyun Avatar

    we need to save bucky

  29. Danny Hodge Avatar

    Ads are longer than the episodes -.-

  30. Inaam Rana Avatar

    why didnt u just go back where you came from if you wanted to go back instead of going further into the forest

  31. Lloyd Perl Avatar

    It'll be ok Bucky.

  32. The Raptor Avatar

    looks like the new version of uncharted 4 , when he was standing up looking !

  33. SuperSenescence Avatar

    Im quite worried now 🙁

  34. paradoxdesigns Avatar

    on top of old smokey all covered in cheese

  35. Daniel Tynan Avatar

    This is riveting stuff! I can't believe you guys are so casual and cavalier about just going out in the woods. .. . TOTALLY unprepared . . you are wearing the worst footwear to begin with. . . You don't have any knowledge of vegetation you can eat. You should have at least kept a cellphone or beacon of some kind for emergencies. And BTW most running clear river water is totally safe to drink (without boiling) that far into the wilderness. . .

  36. Mcduder Avatar

    Bucky must punch the trees

  37. sit001 Avatar

    Don't give up bucky!!!

  38. Anthony Forsberg Avatar

    As well as absorbs more sunlight, which just makes you hotter.

  39. sdhpCH Avatar

    next time you go out there you should not wear anything black.
    that is a magnet for bugs and mosquitos.

  40. Emojavel Avatar

    This clip was very emotional and deep for being Bucky!

  41. ardvacadoful Avatar

    The most boring game ever seems to be the only thing the little nerds who never get out of their house post about…what a shame

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