Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 21 – The Compass

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49 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 21 – The Compass”

  1. CIS Avatar

    i am wondering how you can return as i am in this video of series

  2. Conundrum 241 Avatar

    That is great. I live in Colorado and have spent much time in the Rocky's here. First of all, why hunt frogs. Where is the traps for the fish, squirls, rabbits and so on. Good job on the climbing though  it is rougher than it looks. If you cant follow the sun the compass is vital to not getting lost for days or freezing to death. Markers are always a good idea. I know their old vids but I am custom to the wilderness but learning the computer world. Congrats to you for taking on the wild.

  3. yahye abdi Avatar

    alert("hey bucky you can't write a code in there ! ")

  4. Sand Rae Avatar

    Yeup, he gon die.

  5. William H. Buttlicker Avatar

    To be fair, you didn't seem to know what to do with the compass anyways… but it still sucks!

  6. Joel Rospert Avatar

    As much as the broken compass sucked for you, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. These are very entertaining, Bucky. Much more funny and exciting than other survivor shows.

  7. BBA23 Avatar

    +Sir. DomoMaster He recorded (he had batteries with him) and when he went home he uploaded -,-

  8. Ehren Hahn Avatar

    i dont see how its possible to see something at 4:13 when the video is only 4:12 long

  9. 【・ヘ・?】AlluringAzura Avatar

    he actually recorded it with his camera and when he got home he edited the video and uploaded it

  10. SwootySwagity Avatar

    theres wifi everywhere noob

  11. James Tsividis Avatar

    i laughed so hard when you said you broke your compass

  12. Sir. DomoMaster Avatar

    How did he upload wit no wifi?

  13. Joel Andersson Avatar

    Am I the only one who noticed the pie at 3:14?

  14. TMBlackCat Avatar

    dude i'm really sad for u that u broke ur compos 🙁 dude so sorry to hear fuck man

  15. RDHXIII Avatar

    FYI, If anyone is ever in a situation like this, note that the compass will still work if you remove the glass so it is not touching the needle and it can spin freely. If that doesn't work, the needle is still magnetized, so it will orient itself to point north if you put it into a still body of water (puddle, etc.).

  16. TheXerfox Avatar

    And that kids, is why you don't bring plastic compasses on mountain climbing trips…Lol

  17. TerrifiedVirus Avatar

    It's funny cuz ur probably at your house on the computer

  18. chuck norris Avatar

    like if at 2:18 you raised your head to see over the cliff…..

  19. mary buchness Avatar

    Rite he is being so stupid do

  20. Alex Gabel Avatar

    Just put the needle on a leaf in the water and it will orientate itself. Earth's magnetic field is very strong 😉

  21. Sierra Avatar

    😉 damn it

  22. jinixvomitorium Avatar

    You can tell the directions my the position of the sun (rises east, sets west). as well as moss grows facing the north. you could have also broken the magnetic arrow off of the compus, placed it on a leaf, and put the leaf in your pot filled with water. that would make it work. 😛

  23. estario Avatar

    canon vixia hx40

  24. jess raa Avatar

    bucky has jaguar eyes

  25. April Pineda Avatar

    the length is just 4:12

  26. TheBeresford7 Avatar

    this is the first time i think i have ever heard him swear well in the survival vids anyways 🙂

  27. Billy Brown Avatar

    One of the best pieces of equipment he has is his cap.

  28. Jacob Farnsworth Avatar

    Rises in the east, sets in the west. All you gotta know is whether it's AM or PM.

  29. Teun Avatar

    maybe not such a good idea cuz the sun turns during the day. he'd end up walking in circles as well.. i don't understand why he freaked out so much tho, filling it with water should make it work again right?

  30. Codered1218 Avatar

    I just noticed that and I looked in the comments to see if anyone else agreed and saw your comment! Glad to see someone agrees.

  31. killnsurvive Avatar

    if u broke your compass you can always use the sun as a compass.

  32. Anon386632 Avatar

    dude u should have just filled it with water when ever u needed to use it

  33. Pray4Mojo Avatar

    Just reset your axis with x-form and create a new one out of a cylinder.

  34. TheQuark6789 Avatar

    It doesn't really make that much difference. He never knew where he was to start with.

  35. Scott L Avatar

    But he clearly did not know how….

  36. redjr242 Avatar

    Or he could just use the sun and the stars which is more accurate too.

  37. Scott L Avatar

    You could have still used it… you just have to float the arrow bit in water..

  38. Raik Avatar

    4:00 So, with the compass you knew you where north to nowhere, east of no place, west to anything and south to nothing.

  39. MangoChutney Avatar

    It was a bright red plastic compass, I'm sure if he spent 5% of the time as he did trying to make fire he could. It's only a needle pivoted on a pin. he would not even have to remove the needle from the pin. We all love bucky but lets face it, for once with a little thought and effort he could have done better.

  40. MangoChutney Avatar

    What was wrong with the needle in the compass he broke.

  41. BrownBoyGAMER Avatar

    Or remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? DUMBASSES….

  42. MangoChutney Avatar

    Those compasses are so so complicated, I mean all you need is a magnatised needle and some water and a leaf and away you go.

  43. RaamAnkka Avatar

    I hate to say it but that is dangerous what you are doing :/ Like anything could had happened! You could had gotten injured and not able to move or a snake could ahd biten you… You should have a mobile phone with you and at least a little plan or a map from the region where you should walk to 😛

  44. khodges72 Avatar

    I wonder what texture pack he is using 😀

  45. teicix Avatar

    he has bunch of batteries

  46. Babyhuey19 Avatar

    Ahahahah u motherfucker all most got me xD

  47. MrPitbull917 Avatar

    Did anyone see the telephone pole at 4:13?

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