Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 27 – Gutting and Eating

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44 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 27 – Gutting and Eating”

  1. Erick Avatar

    Damn, you have balls, dude. I'd probably starve before I kill & gut a frog like that. On the off chance that I do kill one, I'd probably cry myself to sleep that night lol

  2. alTreezy! アル トリージー!! Avatar

    you totally wasted them frogs…

  3. Professional Cunt Avatar

    I wonder if you could have made a decent hook with some frog bones

  4. Arnold Layne Avatar

    You threw away loads of meat on that frog after not eating for 4 days?? 100% Proof that this whole series is all a fucking lie!


    I dissected a frog in middle school. I shoved a probe up it's ass and it went out the mouth… kind of disgusting but we were instructed to do it for learning about the organs and stuff.

  6. Justin Watt Avatar

    How do I restart my computer?

  7. generalcoon47 Avatar

    You have to be very careful when you're cleaning it because if you puncture the intestines, you could taint the meat.

  8. Clash Bluelight Avatar

    man i feel so good right now because this man is relieved of his suffering! even if only for a wile!

  9. Sand Rae Avatar

    Chicken and fish…chifishken…

  10. Hobo Hamo Avatar

    you can use the guts and organs for bait also.

  11. Kyle Sanders Avatar

    the organs are full of vitamins

  12. ninjagamer1828 Avatar

    once when I went camping I cut a frog and gutted it and I put the guts on a stick and chased my sister a round with it

  13. Rejected Avatar

    cuz of disecting

  14. vexe Avatar

    I feel good for him haha, you could see his spirit going straight up…

  15. Dany Pell Avatar

    was eating a pea soup while watching this xd

  16. TheSilverWulf Avatar

    thats gross and sad

  17. Elites Engineering Avatar

    I have no idea what I asked therefore I can't answer that. ( I am aex054739 too lazy to switch accs. )

  18. Cartier1288 Avatar

    i beliieve a part of the frogs bone may have made a good hook!

  19. IRProduction Avatar

    lol throwing away the insides, its the insides that are the most nutritious and calorie dense

  20. WolfySnackrib666 Avatar

    2:27 lol that looks like a miniature duck!

  21. Trome1200 Avatar

    Damn, you have some balls to cook up some frogs and eat them… I would probably starve to death before I do that.

  22. Isaac Rajaei Avatar

    u've been lucky that u didn't take the skin off.. then you couldn't have any thing to eat

  23. EduCer Art TV Avatar

    what a coincidence!!!

  24. Arensx Avatar

    frog legs are actually pretty good

  25. dat dank boi Avatar

    He had to cook it and not to fry it

  26. Sonic Lukeds Avatar

    Oh God watching this video makes me wanna eat a frog 0_0
    anyone agrees?

  27. Peter Alexa Avatar

    Ever been to a slaughter house?

  28. TheXerfox Avatar

    Wrap the meat in big leaves soaked in water and set it over the coals…Works like tinfoil in a way.

  29. King Ambross Avatar

    KFC in the wild

  30. banananana Avatar

    thats pretty gross, but he hasn't eaten in forever

  31. chuck norris Avatar

    like if your happy bucky got to eat

  32. Gabriel Hasbun Avatar

    Sad story. Reminds us how fragile and savage our past was.

  33. Papy Mougeot Avatar

    I think the big one was a male! 1:01

  34. GameGuyG Avatar

    Lol that's alright. It's very understandable how you misunderstood.

  35. GameGuyG Avatar

    Yes I am Christian, but that has nothing to do with what I said. And when I say sin I am not referring to the religious term. Where I live that's just something you say when something bad happens. (Ex: It's a sin he had to move away)

  36. firsy Avatar

    you should have saved all the bones and boiled them in water for a long time to make soup.

  37. GameGuyG Avatar

    I know thats he's doing this to survive, but it's a sin to see them sqerming around…

  38. withcreme Avatar

    1:24 this looks so funny how its on the stick 😀

  39. 1Alino Avatar

    I wanted to see you eating it like psycho and ALL of it. 😀

  40. jbrothers221 Avatar

    i made my cat watch the gutting :3 she cryed hard

  41. Thee8BitGamer Avatar

    if you watching this with a kid, at least don't put it to 720p! lol

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