Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 31 – Fishing with New Spear

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34 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 31 – Fishing with New Spear”

  1. Jex Almak Avatar

    As fake as this is, I'm still impresses by how he got the fish.

  2. lex evans Avatar

    Hope you found the Flint

  3. Lama Takahama Avatar

    How the fuck do you lose your flint in a survival situation?

  4. Untitled Name Avatar

    No he didn't lose that much weight, because in such conditions, his body stores anything he eats because he knows he might not get that much food.

  5. Sand Rae Avatar

    Omg, he's gonna die for real…

  6. paolomarcellogrant30 Avatar

    I can't believe with the though the he's prob guna die he's still filming such high quality stuff.

  7. MEYER Top Uplifting Sound Selector Avatar

    if(fish.tofast<buckyThrow){System.out.println("Fish is faster");
    }end if

  8. Daniel Morgan Avatar

    What's amazing is that we evolved from similar practices that Bucky is using,

  9. chili24137 Avatar

    Man I've been having a terrible terrible day and watching your energy and small celebration when you catch that fish just sends a positive energy through me.

  10. Isaac Rajaei Avatar


  11. Parodist Avatar

    He probably lost his flint when he jumped into the water to retrieve the fishy. That's what happens when you're hasty

  12. Pogo BooBOo Avatar

    I feel like Bucky is remaking Cast Away… Just sub the camera for Wilson.

  13. TerrifiedVirus Avatar

    0:38 Looks like hes cutting off his penis xD

  14. Stephan Forgette Avatar

    Lol your funny as hell buky

  15. SurvivalHunter88 Avatar

    survival tip bro have 3 fire striker's I keep one with my multi tool one with my pack and another on my necklace and another good tip in your pack keep 2 lighters and a road flare you can buy a 30min one which will only really be good in extremely wet winter condition's but you can also buy hunter's friend 2-pack 5min flares there yellow in color

  16. Fady Mekhael Avatar

    or use to pieces of dry wood to start fire using friction

  17. Fady Mekhael Avatar

    you should have clean it with the knife first

  18. JR Ancheta (Of JustUsLocalsOnly) Avatar

    Lol! Yea. After my first Java Class I dropped out of my advanced java class. HAHAHA.

  19. firsy Avatar

    yeah, normally i have to try to avoid doing my java homework, this guy has this on the same channel that i was using for tutorials. lol #imafail

  20. Idan S. Avatar

    got that fish like a BOSS

  21. withcreme Avatar

    2:55 really nice i was screaming like a bear and sayed hell yeaaa !!!!!!

  22. Corey Neveah Avatar

    Level up! Fish Killer.

  23. Nicolas Regent Avatar

    Why didn't you make some kind of net with inner strands of the paracord ? It probably would have required a full day of work but it's probably very effective

  24. Jonathan .N Avatar

    you should have put the tips near fire to make it more sturdy

  25. Anon386632 Avatar

    that really sucks bro… after all that bullshit, you finally get a mean… then "where the fuck is my flint?"

    i would have attached that shit to the backpack, most valuable thing u had

  26. SeductiveGod Avatar

    may all your bacon burn :3

  27. Etheral1234 Avatar

    Holy shit, you caught it. Wasn't expecting that.

  28. FightingFalconFilms Avatar

    Lol when he said "I got it" I was like yes!…then he said he lost his flint, and I was all sad.

  29. Kinarth Avatar

    Bucky: Born Survivor

  30. Abdulgadir Ahmed Avatar

    lol at the idiots who wanna know how he's uploading these

  31. 6NoHope9 Avatar

    I was thinking that too

  32. Dog696911 Avatar

    my mom calls me her 'tootsie-roll'.

  33. aw1717 Avatar

    He has good balance

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