Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 36 – Improving the Fire Making Tools

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27 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 36 – Improving the Fire Making Tools”

  1. IIDragonCanyon Avatar

    … All you need to do was take the charcoal and put it in dead grass and blow on it… Simple

  2. NikeTao Avatar

    If you need fire that badly use a battery (from camera) and a single strand of copper wire. Short circuit it and there's your fire starter.

  3. Glenn Parker Avatar

    3 fukn episodes watching you try to make fire
    Fuk off I ain't watching anymore of this shit

  4. Koncept King Avatar

    If you had put dry grass of some sort  maybe even leaves and had used that method you would have got embers which you could give oxygen to ignite the fire rather than having just smoke 🙂

  5. generalcoon47 Avatar

    This should've been in 3D with all the things you were throwing.

  6. Yuno Gasai @V3rmillion Avatar

    Masturbating would of gotten the fire lit

  7. William H. Buttlicker Avatar

    STOPPING EVERY DAMN TIME THERE'S FINALLY SMOKE!!! I know it's hard, but once you see smoke you just GOT to continue!!

  8. jason G Avatar

    half a million subscribers, 3036 videos, no profile pic -_-

  9. Daniel Morgan Avatar

    That lactic acid must be insane for him while doing that jeez.

  10. Aaron Erickson Avatar

    He should be able to find flint out there right? its a rock

  11. Random Polygons Avatar

    Yes, as some people have mentioned you're doing the bow technique wrong. You need to have a dry tinder bundle ready under the base wood, cut a notch into the base wood so the ash will fall down into the tinder bundle, then when there's enough ash so that it creates an ember, gently coax it into flames. You will never be able to get flames just by drilling with the bow.
    You may have already looked it up, but here it is as well.

  12. thegamerEsoop Avatar

    yes he cant go on youtube IN THE WILD he has no computer and i think hes back home

  13. ЯссенГрегорович Avatar

    Watching all this is painful, knowing how hard it is without the proper technique.

  14. Zapkin (⌐►_◄) Avatar

    then he'll be the richer than bill gates

  15. thenoobsterman Avatar

    Should've masturbated more, would've been able to start that fire with no problem.

  16. Breanna G Avatar

    He should have used a much shorter drill.. Cut a deeper "air hole" in the side of the wood.. If he has any real experience he could have had it…. I would not count on him if I was lost in the woods! 😉

  17. konev_13 Avatar

    If he could build a computer, I think he might be able to survive and excape.

  18. Billy Brown Avatar

    AW F*CK! My hand caught fire!

  19. Anddosdd Avatar

    why is this called improving the fire?

  20. fckingkim Avatar

    Our African ancestors should have made tutorials for this. It would have been so much easier.

  21. Jacob Farnsworth Avatar

    "I'm worried that there's not enough air going to it…"


  22. Greg Antons Avatar

    i would have tried to put the leaves in the hole so that they'd ground down and possibly catch easier rather than trying to rely on putting them there after the fire started. that bow thing is new to me though, thats awesome!

  23. HMZ306 Avatar

    use your mind,that's what remains for you

  24. MRoobbby Avatar

    like a boss at 3:38

  25. MRoobbby Avatar

    like a boss at 3:38

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