Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 4 – My Supplies

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36 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness 2 – Episode 4 – My Supplies”

  1. bigC Avatar

    U know parasites can easily swim into your nose

  2. Babylon Gate Avatar

    jeez what is append to this guy, from c++ to wilderness

  3. elchasai Avatar

    machete would have been nice

  4. Matthew Jirec Avatar

    Lol, man those 70lb boots.

  5. Bbfishman Avatar

    wow all i keep hearing every time you talk is wahhh wahhh wahhhhhh

  6. Blaze Survivor Avatar

    Jovi is like, the only person keeping you alive bro

  7. Maximilian Mustermann Avatar

    you have 24!!!! 32GB CARDS?!? Are you seRIOUS? 😀
    You were carrying 768GB in Flash Memory with you? haha, wow!

  8. DatNinjaGarage Avatar

    cost 20 cents, better than nothing

  9. Sher Lock Avatar

    steady water! Disgusting dude.

  10. Tom Wiltshire Avatar

    4:23 No Dont worry I will just reach out of my computer screen and get that fly from you

  11. jjpds1 Avatar

    Hahaha… He had to call it a lagoon

  12. Dominic Roca Avatar

    i wanted to say hes better than bear grills…but hes better than chuck norris

  13. Youngegyptv Avatar

    When you bring more camera equipment than supplies, you know your fucked.

  14. AllTimeGamer3 Avatar

    Under where lovley

  15. Rhett Burk Avatar

    What type of camera were you using, besides the GoPro

  16. jeff aftereffect Avatar

    that falls made from after effects

  17. Rick Jelier Avatar

    Was thinking like, taking bath in the river. Theres more parasites and bacteria in there now

  18. lCaKeSl Avatar

    That compass is $5.50 as a-matter-of-fact

  19. Madhav Pai Avatar

    how is the world can that weight 70 pounds ??

  20. Sithy Avatar

    Sarcasm mate…sarcasm..

  21. Crafty Avatar

    He either meant 17 pounds (I doubt it) or 70 ounces. Or maybe something else…. who knows.

  22. MinMax123 Avatar

    24x 32GB cards?! Good god that would cost a fourtune

  23. Azathoth Avatar

    go to farlands!

  24. Darksource Avatar

    i think he was being sarcastic

  25. DestinyHnn Avatar

    I think you need a map 😀

  26. Truc Anh Huynh Avatar

    he was just being sarcastic

  27. HolliMolli Avatar

    Man you know everything!Ur Awesome.

  28. Alex Perez Avatar

    baths are the last thing you should be worrying about, survival = numero uno ; )

  29. oblivion5683 Avatar

    yep. leave the one source of clean water. nice

  30. Grant Imbo Avatar

    why are you always wearing you hat even if your swimming?

  31. Blood Muffin Avatar

    Its called sarcasm

  32. Wilson1592 Avatar

    He said he brought a lot of spare batteries.

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