Surviving the Wilderness – Episode 3 – Shelter

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20 responses to “Surviving the Wilderness – Episode 3 – Shelter”

  1. dallas potter Avatar

    by what ive seen so far u r ganna be miserable first u dont complain about rain especially if theres not a stream u pray for it next u dont lay around on ur first day ur first day is the most important u should have some way to get water a shelter with a roof is the main part of the shelter and u need a fire to be at least meters from ur shelter or u well most likely go up in flames so good lick u well need it

  2. Cory See Avatar

    VERY cool of you guys to do this!  Really shows how much you can learn (and quickly) from 1st hand experience.  Kudos to you.

  3. generalcoon47 Avatar

    You don't have to use a knife. In fact, you shouldn't because you could dull it very easily and you can use a rock just the same.

  4. CitCat Avatar

    wow so nooby

  5. King Trawal Avatar

    When does the Blair Witch appear?

  6. Andrew Avatar

    that guy is bald Brendon Urie!

  7. carslex10 Avatar

    Rage quit lol

  8. Kravatas Avatar

    Yea sure everyone is good on the internet

  9. Jaeger2011 Avatar

    And there goes all ma magneihihisdijassdaosd ASHRHGHH!!! 4:17

  10. Ghostlych0b Avatar

    I like to get a pile of that Magnesium about the size of a penny and I ahev success with that everytime.

  11. Sandra Essary Avatar

    Check out FireSteel . com – they have great fints & strikers. Or Google flint & steel or fire steel.
    In truth, a mag block with the tiny flint they attach to the side is NOT the best fire steel. It has a big magnesium block, yes, but really you don't need that once you get the idea down of making your own tinder.
    I've had that tiny little flint on the side of the mag block come off, & they are damn hard to find on a forest floor. Get something bigger – it will throw off MUCH better sparks.

  12. Sandra Essary Avatar

    Flint & steel work fine, but it's a bit different to use than a magnesium block or a man-made flint & striker.
    For a flint rock & steel striker (like the mountain men used to use), you need some char cloth first. Once that's made, hold the char cloth on TOP of the piece of flint (rock), then strike downward with the steel. The flint show throw a spark into the char cloth, which should continue to burn until you can get your fire lit from it.

  13. Sandra Essary Avatar

    Actually, brown leaves are one of the worst tinders you can use. They tend to smolder rather than burn. Tiny, tiny sticks are better – but start the fire first with very light, fluffy material – shredded (dead) inner bark, cattail down, shredded & fluffed up dead plants, thistle down — experiment BEFORE you're in a real survival situation.

  14. thedavidtan Avatar

    thanks for the pointer! i think what you just mentioned here is golden! i will keep it in mind. thanks again skecanj

  15. Fifteen Avatar

    Just go to a outdoors store. It looks like a block of grey/silver stuff (magnesium) and a cylindrical black thing on the side (the flint)

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