Telephone Sales Script : Phone Selling Systems 2

Anyone right now could get a good job in sales right now. Here I present Phone Selling Systems I used to get by, when I was down on my luck. Here is the Telephone Sales Script for you.






8 responses to “Telephone Sales Script : Phone Selling Systems 2”

  1. Joseph Catalanotto Avatar

    what if I call business to sell inbound call center services? like they hire us to be their inbound support for their clients who call. whether it's for customer service, help desk, tech support?

  2. Sell Phone System Avatar

    Great tutorial Derek !! Thanks

  3. Ehud Macher Avatar

    There are serious difference between Your and You're and not knowing them weakens "your" credibility and makes people think "you're" not trustworthy (or at the least not smart enough to know the difference).  Thank goodness "you're" on the phone or pressing flesh mostly. My advice: stay away from writing email where the likelihood of homonyms (e.g. to,too,two, there,their, they're) could result in "your" downfall.

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    I wish you the best. If you love your product you'll sell it. The problem is finding the best product

  5. Ed Morin Avatar

    Thank you for responding so darn fast. I had a feeling I should get out of the environment. I am coming back to the sales world, been out of touch for a while and must say I am very fortunate to have discovered your site. Tomorrow is my first day back and am hoping I can keep the positive spin I have since going through your instructive videos.
    Thanks again!!

  6. Derek Banas Avatar

    I've worked at good companies that had products I loved with people I enjoyed working with. I also worked for bad companies. I learned early on that if you can't keep away from the negative input by working from home, or something like that it is better to leave. Sales always suffer when you are in a bad environment. It also shows you how bad the manager is if he can't keep people in line. Joe Girard, the greatest salesman ever, quit working for GM the day he no longer believed in the product

  7. Ed Morin Avatar

    Hi Derek, Can I ask you a question, I think I just did. Really, I am challenged with living in a positive environment. What do you recommend I do to change my state to keep my sales attitude positive.
    Thank you so much for these Techniques..Ed

  8. Israel rod Avatar

    Great tutorial Derek !! Thanks

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