TESSERACT 2 Finally Here!

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Tesseract 2 theme update is finally here! Woocommerce, full width, blog, content blocks and more!





22 responses to “TESSERACT 2 Finally Here!”

  1. MangboyMate Avatar

    what is the different between just tesseract and tesseract 2?

  2. john keenan Avatar

    How can I increase the height of my webpage on tesseract, the height is reading 899px

  3. Joe Medrano Avatar

    Hey Tyler, is there a way to add a video background as the header image instead of a photo?

  4. Yassar Shah Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Great video!
    Is there any way I can add a row in the header section before or after main menu row ?

  5. adamssappple Avatar

    Is it possible to put a video on the landing homepage with the Tesseract theme?

  6. Lawrence Chin Avatar

    does the shoping carts support Cash on delivery?

  7. Fangidae Avatar

    How much Mb of the data space does this theme use?

  8. Fangidae Avatar

    Thanks for all the effort Tyler. Really appreciate it 🙂

  9. Mary Flemmings Avatar

    Tyler I am new to WordPress , your video is very helpful. I am just getting started. I am interested in doing email marketing, what do I need to add for this .

  10. Employee Benefit Management Group Avatar

    Can you make the home page a slider with multiple images?

  11. Lisa Byrne Avatar

    Hi Tyler , could you please tell me if the first Tesseract theme supports woocommerce?

  12. Rockabilly Marty Avatar

    Can you change the menu font size and style?

  13. Endémico Soluciones Avatar

    Tyler, its posible to make one page site with this theme?

  14. Shaked Rami Avatar

    Hey Tyler! First off thanks for the fantastic theme and explanation!! Secondly, is there a way to change the space ratio between the right and left parts of the top banner? Thanks!

  15. patricia lupi Avatar

    Wow! You are AMAZING! I'll try to do it ASAP
    Grazie Mille JJJ

  16. Nicolas Martinez Avatar

    Hello Tyler. I saw your tutorial on how to make a wordpress website. Just one question: what is the difference between using a hosting site and a wordpress hosted website?

  17. naxiand Avatar

    would be possible to support multilanguage? is it something you would consider?

  18. Sharon Anderson Avatar

    Theme looks great. Haven't gone through all tutorials but would this theme have portfolio page or is there good plugin?

  19. luke jones Avatar

    Is it possible to update a wordpress currently using tesseract 1 to tesseract 2?

  20. Jay Diego Rico Avatar

    9:33 I agree, she's beautiful! 😉

  21. Your Mini Empire Avatar

    Love your work Tyler. Having a few challenges getting the blog to look as good as the rest of the site, but you are a champion for all your help.

    Also, a great teacher man – well done. Cheers.

  22. montana features Avatar

    Hi Tyler – I am interested in using this new theme, my question is, how well will it work with and already published with content website, in other words a substitute for a previous theme? Thank you

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