Text portrait effect | photoshop tutorial cs6 | photo effects [ episode 22]

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In this photoshop photo effect tutorial i will show you how to transform someones face in to text, which can help you to create poster and other cool things..

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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40 responses to “Text portrait effect | photoshop tutorial cs6 | photo effects [ episode 22]”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    To Everyone Having Problem, Here Are Some Tips….
    – to fill in the color, press D for default colors and then press "ctrl +backspace" to fill the color, you can also use paint bucket tool
    – If you brush preset option is gray, then create a new "square" document and then create a brush, it will work
    – The font i used are default in photoshop cs6, its called " Swiss721 Blk Bt"

    if you find this comment helpful than like it, so it will stay on top and other will be able to see it too. Good luck 🙂

  2. Destination Multimedia Avatar

    can you edite me a pic..??

  3. Abdula Faisal Avatar

    thank you its very nice tutorials

  4. sanket yelwande Avatar

    plese make video on haw to make movie poster

  5. Airtel Startel Solutions. Avatar

    thanks bro it helps a loot to ,mee

  6. Ruby Yuan Avatar


  7. DavWaiGuy Avatar

    Absolutely love your tutorials. Learn so much from everyone. Thanks.

  8. A.SIDDHARTH Siddu Avatar

    im not able to see the text while i paint on black layer….but when i switch on the background n give clipping mask its visible…how do i solve this issue?

  9. 최민철 Avatar

    do not clipping mask

  10. Ravi Cena Avatar

    YES ! this is exactly that what i wanted

  11. Kishan Kumar Kannan Avatar

    – If you brush preset option is gray, then create a new "square" document and then create a brush, it will work

    can anyone explain this step here?

  12. Azad News Avatar

    Sir how can I download Ps Cs6 for free is there any link?

  13. Alfaraz Shaikh Avatar

    How to add brush preset , its nt performing

  14. Nadiz Healing Avatar

    Your tutorials are very helpful. One technical comment, your volume level seems to be low compared to the rest of the world. Especially for instructional material, it's nice to push the volume a bit because some people have difficulty hearing.

    Again, thank you again for the helpful videos. It's important to immerse oneself if you want to really learn to 'fluency' so even by sheer volume you provide something very important.

  15. sayed hany Avatar

    I wana link brush download

  16. lim joey Avatar

    thank a lot about you teaching

  17. basic gaming Avatar

    at :36 ur layer become white,what can I press layer to white?

  18. Alonso Sánchez Avatar

    How do you chanche the Mask to black.
    And Which key's change the size of the brushes?

  19. Ravish Rawat Avatar

    My brush is always showing transparent fill

  20. seanandrew8 Avatar

    Is your intro is from the description link that says background music?

  21. Zishan Ahmed Avatar

    Is this a way of tutorial? u talk so fast.and how did u coloured the layer white!!!

  22. pardise kingone Avatar

    why can't appear clipping mask ?

  23. HAKIM ARTS Avatar

    plz link to this photo i mean the original girl photo in this project

  24. Factz on Earth Avatar

    Superb.. And very easy to use… Thank u

  25. tridivesh naidu Avatar

    man!!! ur just awesome…loved it <3

  26. Badshah Sani Avatar

    how to fill black color in layer??

  27. DawnDoesGaming Avatar

    what is the font of photoshop ??

  28. Himanshu Nandan Avatar

    plzzzzzzz help me in transfer option under opacity jitter controls _ pen pressure is not changing? ????

  29. ninipichu Avatar

    omg i love it °^°!

  30. Shayan ali Avatar

    my clipping mass option is not available

  31. Rakshith Venkatesh Avatar

    Dude which layer should be saved as a final picture?

  32. Alyssa Camire Avatar

    Thank you for this tutorial!!

  33. Dj Brok3n Avatar

    You annoy me. lol

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