Text Portrait in Photoshop Cs6 | Photo Effects Tutorial

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This is a text portrait effect as fast as possible. and I mean it, i wanted this to be as fast a possible, once you cut the background it takes around 3 minutes to finish this effect .

I also wanted to cover something for the beginners and something time saving for the people who already know photoshop. And some of you might have guessed it that its clipping mask and yes it is but that is not the real trick in this effects.

let me tell you that i have worked a lot on this text portrait effects where you make face using text and also get ready for couple more videos like this because i love them. And that also taught me that in this type of effects most important thins is that what type of font you use and what type of size and spacing you use, that is the key part.

since it is a really short text portrait tutorial i have nothing much to say i just wanted to know that if one tries, how fast this effects can be done with a decent amount of quality and it dose look really good as wallpapers.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂


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44 responses to “Text Portrait in Photoshop Cs6 | Photo Effects Tutorial”

  1. The Brown Nomad Avatar

    Somehow my text portraits are never perfect

  2. OmNomPro Avatar

    show vagene pls

  3. laurent lefort Avatar

    what a disgusting work ! You'd better stop publishing and find work in agriculture

  4. Melanie Calo Avatar

    Do you have to use a black colored layer or can it be a different color?


    dear sir ,when i am following your tutorial portrait video .i was not getting layer mask ,u said that use crtl+i it is not applicable in p.c ,it not exactally not coming plz help me

  6. akeem anderson Avatar

    For those who have used this and gotten the hang of it. It looks nicer if you use different fonts and vary the sizes a bit. It might take more time but the effect is worth it but I would advise doing what you see in the tutorial first if you're new to it since that's what he made the tutorial for

  7. Sawsan osman Avatar

    why with me when I changed font size ,did not gave me same result.?

  8. Harnam Sandhu Avatar

    Good one for a Beginners

  9. Sujith Saravanan Avatar

    my text gets deleted after a limit

  10. Dimas Bagus Aditya Avatar

    Where is the link of download image?

  11. Ahmed Mandour Avatar

    kindly May you add a link for the image because the link disappear ?

  12. Ahmed Mandour Avatar

    sorry but the link does not appear

  13. Jitendra Singh Avatar

    Wonderful Tutorial, Thanks alot

  14. Viktor Banán Avatar

    The best way for you is painting with wacom pen . Great tutorial and thank you

  15. Mohammed Hashim Avatar

    where is the links for downloading images????

  16. Soham K Avatar

    why not the quick selection tool?

  17. Psd Easy Projects Avatar

    suscribe in my channel

  18. Lahiru Nimnajith Avatar

    thanx dude.its really helpfull for me ✌

  19. Real Pits Avatar

    Great tutorial, how can i make an image coming out, like stretching out from another image?

  20. Ahmed Mohamud Avatar

    Love the way you break it down. Big fan.

  21. Qwy27 Avatar


  22. ROTTWIELER Avatar

    very good tutorial mate 🙂

  23. Eddieboy Villegas Avatar

    because of you i become more creative.very useful tutorials.thank you very much

  24. ZiggyZ Productions Avatar

    bloody dog barking ! STREET DAWGS!

  25. tiffany ramadhani Avatar

    thankyooouuu so muuuuch !!! ily

  26. cistokrvni Bosanac Avatar

    whats the name of the song

  27. Prabagaran P Avatar

    nice >>-——————–>

  28. krutik chudasama Avatar

    sir i want a link form were i can get the same image

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