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25 responses to “The 4 BEST Ways To Find INSPIRATION”

  1. Abhijeet Singh Avatar

    I think, and Adobe Behance are the ones from the best places for designers and developers to look for inspiration. I was surprised that you didn't mentioned them here. @Will Paterson

  2. Niraj films Avatar

    how to do hand lettering
    basic rules for hand lettering,
    making our own typeface

  3. Tamyuz For Print Avatar

    I'm working in a printing company last 2 years I do tons of design in this 2 years but I think this design not fulfill my portfolio and think this design not standard for the portfolio. and there all clients like​ this type of designs. how I improve my portfolios.

  4. Style Your Career Avatar

    Love these tips 🙂 Pinterest is the best for finding inspiration!

  5. Caio Torres Avatar

    Just a tip: now you can save your favorite pictures on instagram just pressing the little flag icon on the left and it goes to a gallery on your profile. 🙂

  6. Sigi Coria Avatar

    I was really I thought it was a rash

  7. sara TW Avatar

    I'm interior design student, i love to get inspiration from pinterest, catalogs and instagram.

  8. Rade Creative Avatar

    Thanks for these tips that's help me a lot ! I would like to be as good as you on hand lettering ❤️❤️

  9. Bored. kng_Godwin3D Avatar

    if you have seen someone's design could you add stuff to that design and would you call it copying

  10. abde Med Avatar

    instagram is painful beacuse you can hardly see browse what inside each account, pinterest is the best explore images and like them so you can collect them easily….

  11. Sunny Xoxo Avatar

    whats up with your hands?

  12. Ibragim Ismailov Avatar

    I have been out of the game for a while doing Designs for a couple of years because my flat was burgled a couple of years ago with my laptop and all my work in it gone. It had been hard to get back into it but I have managed to get back into doing what I love with my new Mac with all the latest ADOBE softwares. With yourself and Roberto Blake have given me some great ideas to think about and I'm really excited starting again with fresh Ideas. Thanks for the support and help you guys are contributing.

  13. Navendu Sharma Avatar


  14. Tsvetan V Avatar

    Great videos man! I tried a few times to do hand lettering and it was not good! Can you give me advice for some video tutorials that will help me?! Thanks!

  15. Z Avatar

    Fantastic work! I like your style

  16. Ike Bowen Avatar

    Will, have you ever designed a band logo? If so, can you do a rundown of how to design one?

  17. Kayla Charize Avatar

    I get inspiration from you! 🙂

  18. Alberte Karlsen Avatar

    Pinterest is the best thing ever <3

  19. drivermod5 Avatar

    at 3:20 kingblotthethird on instagram is a amazing!

  20. Abhi Jith Avatar

    can you add a video showing any of your work and describing the way you reach it?

  21. Fanny Hertz Avatar

    hey! nice video
    I did a video called "how to gain confidence in your creative work" over on my channel. I'd love for you to check it out:)

  22. Martin Lemaire Avatar

    I'm glad you found one of my posts inspiring !

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