The Best Colors To Use For Your Website

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in this video i cover some colors that you should be using for your wordpress website. Believe it or not but when you visit a website your brain starts to already think about credibility just by seeing certain colors.

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7 responses to “The Best Colors To Use For Your Website”

  1. Tech Support Avatar

    I have a social media marketing site so which color would represent it? Plz reply everyone

  2. Daniel Khyzhnichenko Avatar

    Darrel, share the article pls! Thanks

  3. Ajeet Beriha Avatar

    Hey darrel,from cloudeways and siteground ,which is best

  4. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Curious when you see my logo, is that something they indicates trust??

  5. longkam Teron Avatar

    This video is very helpful, when creating a website it's really tough to choose color as every website has similar color.

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