The Best Subscriber LOGO CRITIQUE! #EP 21

I love to critique your designs and to have my logo designs critiqued! In this episode, I show how you can make big changes from slight alterations to a logo design.

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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21 responses to “The Best Subscriber LOGO CRITIQUE! #EP 21”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! You can send your Illustrator files to for a chance to have your logo critiqued! <3

  2. S34N Avatar

    you look a little bit like Johnny Depp

  3. Adam Marr Avatar

    Thanks for the great feedback! I will definitely think more about spacing.

  4. Erik Norman Avatar

    I think the vibes logo look nice af, without the glimmer.

  5. Pescei Avatar

    Amazing video like usual! My only concern is like the Spotify logo, your subscriber created a logo that reminds you of the Spotify logo. How do you avoid creating logos that look similar or are accidentally almost identical to already made logos? That's my one concern when creating and designing logos is when I make one, I'm so afraid that this symbol might already exist. How do i check for that to avoid such a thing?

  6. Pobre Nerd Avatar

    the last one is awesome logo!!

  7. Honey Singh Avatar

    I like Specmed logo

  8. Émile Painchaud Avatar

    rip my logo wasn't there ;_; anyway, great video as always!

  9. Matt C Avatar

    Damn you're badass Will

  10. Ruel Maxwell Avatar

    That Specmed logo was pure fire well designed. The vibes logo I like the direction it’s going in needs a bit of work but it has serious potential

  11. laciee Avatar

    Hello Will.
    What's your opinion on different kinds of animated typeface? Do you think they look good? Have you tried to animate any typeface yourself?

  12. gaming with emar Avatar

    Comment on my video saying done

  13. Patschgo Avatar

    "These lines here could be […] Stethoscope.", do you mean the thing under it, that looks like a Stethoscope and is one. 😮
    I have to disagree on your opinion there, if the Stethoscope was higher, it wouldn't be around the neck anymore and the shape of the plus would look really bad in my opinion.

  14. Inder Deep Singh Avatar

    Really loved the specked logo and your critique on the other ones. I also sent an illustrator file to you for this one. What can I do to be in the next critique?

  15. Swiss Shape Avatar

    I really love that med one.

  16. J Etzel Avatar

    First logo.. "I like it, but…" removes everything characteristic about it.
    I totally disagree with 90% of your changes.. that N was what made it stand out.. not everything is about standard fonts. I do agree with the spacing/kerning and the larger O issue.

  17. Batuhan Erbay Avatar

    Hahah! Thanks for the feedback Will, Genius logo belongs to me , and yes! You pronunciated my name correctly. Genius logo is the first logo I ever tried to design. I am actually an architecture student and very well aware of the problems with the S, the gradient of the writing. I really liked the way you changed the colour of the writing. I was in favour of not having pointy edges too. But I thought that it would be better to show the sharpness and determination of the company with pointy edges. I hope that I will have enough of free time to keep designing new logos and watching your videos! Have a beaıtiful day…

  18. Ollie Avatar

    ur the best designer ever!

  19. Niño Carlo Colarines Avatar

    2nd here! Awesome Content!

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