The Designers Review Of The NEW 12.9 Apple iPad Pro Second Gen 2017

In this video I review the iPad Pro 12.9 Space Grey Second Generation! I’m a logo designer and hand lettering artist so having a tablet with these features are a must!

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39 responses to “The Designers Review Of The NEW 12.9 Apple iPad Pro Second Gen 2017”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Let me know your thoughts down below!

  2. Thomas Keijzer Avatar

    Apple doesn't want any money anymore. Supply on these things is horrible.

  3. EARTH JS Avatar

    you rapper haha

  4. Minwoo Gwak Avatar

    What is your screen protector on iPad Pro 10.5?

  5. Rajdeep Chakraborty Avatar

    does it recognizes your palm while writing with apple pencil

  6. RichEvolutionCo Avatar

    Love the review, just purchased mine. Can you do a review and thoughts on using Adobe Illustrator on the new iPad Pro and if it's an easy work flow to transfer designs to Macs. Do you suggest 256GB or 512GB when it's for a designers usage.

  7. kkalan06 Avatar

    Hi Will, a question for you about the iPad Pro and what I'm hoping to use it for. Could you write something by hand that's fairly small and dense in procreate and would it then translate nicely/precisely to a vector when pulled into Illustrator? Would it maintain the integrity of the handwriting?

  8. Tim Howard Avatar

    Will. This may be a daft question but would you say that the 10.5" pro would be ok for drawing/sketching work etc or is it a case of bigger being better?

  9. farida jararah Avatar

    I think you have sold me on the new iPad Pro, but I was wondering…I am trying my hand at digital card making and wanted to know if graphics from be used in Procreate if I get the iPad Pro 2? I never got/used the first, so not very familiar with it. Not sure if you are familiar with graphics from creativemarket, but I would like to know if I will be able download fonts and graphics from that site to design cards in my learning process. Thanks for any help.

  10. Just That Guy :3 Avatar

    anyone recommend this for a graphic design student or just get a macbook?

  11. creativefla Avatar

    you look like starbucks

  12. The Flap Jack Avatar

    Which one do you think is better for gaming 10.5 or 12.9?

  13. Braden Weiss Avatar

    Hi Will, care to share if you use a screen protector? I'm looking to pickup the Pro 2.0 but I'm lost for which matte protector to go with. Thanks

  14. stephanie amer Avatar

    what GB is your iPad?

  15. S. Jones Avatar

    @Will Paterson Hi, Will! Love your vids, have been subscribed to you channel for years! Any suggestions regarding tablets to those who haven't made a table purchase yet? Haha..I'm broke lowkey and would like to know what tablets actually work with adobe illustrator. Cheers.

  16. Steve C Avatar

    Is it as good as the iPad mini 4?

  17. Butter Dough edits Avatar

    Lool when my mom got me this she just picked a random one yes she even considered a iPad mini but she choose this for my bday

  18. POLMAC Avatar

    Hey Will! Where did you learn all of your logo designing skills?

  19. Josh C Avatar

    Just ordered one can't wait for it to come in. What stand do you have for it on your desk? Looks super clean.

  20. KuttyJoe Avatar

    I installed iOS 11 on my iPad Pro. Almost immediately I was regretting it. Not just because it's kind of buggy, but because it's buggy and the new features seem to offer nothing that I care about. The file browser so far is not remotely as usable as a file browser on Android or Windows. The other features amount to a bunch of new gestures. Different ways of doing the same things and a different look. But productivity is not improved for me in the slightest.

  21. GothicKittyMadness Avatar

    What's with the giant mop on his head? LMAO!

  22. Liangshi Xu Avatar

    Buy 3rd party cable…. Always way better than Apples

  23. James Daly Avatar

    Excellent review! What stand/Pencil holder are you using in the background? Would love to get one for mine!

  24. Matt Baker Avatar

    Why is there a giant tampon hanging in the background?

  25. CH H Avatar

    why do u have a tampon hanging in the middle of your room?

  26. Stambaugh Designs Avatar

    Subbed! Just got the 10.5 iPad Pro. Do you have a custom brush creation video for pro create?

  27. Gary Hall Avatar

    Will I notice that you use a screen protector. I heard some others say that the image quality is sacrificed. What's your personal take on that?

  28. Gary Hall Avatar

    Thanks for the video. Great review. Waiting for mine to arrive now!

  29. _abrahambeltran Avatar

    Thanks for this video, brother! Great insights. Much love from the LBC! :]

  30. Laurent de backer Avatar

    Not sure why i just found you now, but doesn't matter, i immediately subbed ! I'm a designer too, so it's great to have some fellow designers 😀

  31. K L Avatar

    Great video, just could do with better lighting. A minor nitpick.

  32. DigitalKezz Avatar

    I would just like to add that the Wacom Cintq 27QHD has 12ms latency.

  33. Benoit Cesari Avatar

    I think you should a video about how your iPad Pro stands in your professional workflow (do you use it from beginning to end, or do you begin by doodling on the iPad and then finish on your computer). That would be great ! 🙂

  34. Seuachi Avatar

    Honestly, this is the Best Tablet for Drawing or Designing! I got the 12.9 inch model with the Procreate app and I can't describe how happy I am with it!

  35. YouType El - Kampreto Avatar

    Inspirational!! thanks for the video

  36. SketchArtByMarc Avatar

    Thanks for the vid! Got the 10.5 for Father's Day. Yes! Great display refresh and overall performance is pretty awesome. Non stop drawing now 😉

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