The Hardest Puzzle Game The Witness 16

My next live stream will be Tuesday at 7PM EST / New York Time

In this Live Stream I will try to beat all the puzzles in the Mountain (The End?). I’m pretty certain that I won’t be able to do it in this one video, but who knows what can happen if you help me out?

Thank you to everyone that joined me live. I record live streams every Monday at 8PM EST / New York Time and at 7PM EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.






10 responses to “The Hardest Puzzle Game The Witness 16”

  1. all rounder Avatar

    play battlefield

  2. ampersandexplainer Avatar

    Below is a hint for if you plan to call it quits after getting the first ending, if you plan on continue playing after you beat it don't read this

    When you beat it, if you feel disappointed in the ending, start the game back up, (staring a new game) and look around the starting area. You will get more of an ending if you do.
    Also if you ever want more puzzles there is a lot more if you continue playing after you have beaten it

  3. moonshine Avatar

    Personally, don't like working with indians. When I was freelancing, all of them was just a struggle for me (poorly stating their needs for the project, difficult to understand their written English). And there is this tendency where they don't even read what you say and already start making silly questions and not getting the idea after numerous explanations.
    That's why I don't prefer working with them; had my moments of pulling out hair because of the majority of them, no offence tho.

  4. GewoonIgor Avatar

    is it just me, or is de video realy out of sync..?

  5. Fantasterrific Avatar

    did you ever consider doing series on german language? 😀 you could do grammar and we could do the words on ourselves.

  6. Bernard Rouhi Avatar

    man, I give up watching you play through, I just listen to your talk.

  7. Jimmy Chan Avatar

    Back of the door is really interesting. Looking forward to see u doing that

  8. Bernard Rouhi Avatar

    LOL… I'm not Indian!

  9. Sebi20070 Avatar

    That's a weird programming​ tutorial 😛

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