The Process Of My New Logo Design – 10,000 Subscribers!

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19 responses to “The Process Of My New Logo Design – 10,000 Subscribers!”

  1. Adriana Martínez Avatar

    Hello Will, which canvas size are you using on this tutorial?

  2. Jamie Gregory Avatar

    The R & S are far too similar reads Patesson.

  3. Marlene Tascarella Avatar

    Its so funny! I just started watching your channel at work (I work as a designer at a Christian curriculum company) and people have already come and asked what I'm watching and are now watching you at their computers. Thanks for what you do! Also, Creative Bar is wonderfully entertaining and its great to see such a down to earth young Christian couple such as yourselves! God bless

  4. Havedy Avatar

    what font is "making things look good" set in?

  5. NeyLive Avatar

    Random fact. Did you know there's a William Paterson University?

  6. Lexy Fedosov Avatar

    Congrats Will! 100k more to come!) Your videos are realy helping me! Realy like to lern from you! You're cool:)

    P.S.: where/How did you get this grunged "shining" behind the wolf?:/

  7. Austin Wirgau Avatar

    Any chance you'd tell me what font that is?

  8. Chokri En Avatar

    awesome (y) but font names plz


  9. Soph's Space Avatar

    …. What's your Instagram????

  10. AnimeGovernor Avatar

    Wow, congratulations man! Hope you receive many more. Your text tutorials have helped me tremendously! I've learned a lot in photoshop thanks to those. So thank you Will. 

  11. Cassidy Miller Avatar

    hey Will! Soo I'm in high school, and last year i started taking a Creative Digital Media class, which i really liked and my teacher took notice to my work! i made my schools prom poster and tickets last year and some posters for school events. this year i am basically the school's graphic designer haha! Now i know this might sound really dumb, and you probably wont even respond to me but i thought it would be really cool if you kind of gave me some tips and pointers? you seem like a really nice guy and my Creative Digital Media teacher is only a photographer so he can only give me so much advice. Anyways I sent you a friend request on FB and i just thought it would be nice to have a real graphic designer to show some of my work to and get some tips and pointers? this could be a really cool experience for me and i hope you think so too! 🙂

  12. ScreamTheHeadlines Avatar

    Great course on Curious pal, big help

  13. Jorge Alvarado Avatar

    The first thing I see is "William Paterson". I thought I'd answer your question.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. You provoke design empowerment. 

  14. Navarro Mariscal Avatar

    Congrats to you William…enjoy your work.  Any new live video streaming coming up?

  15. VersatileEdits Avatar

    Congrats Will! I'll add to the list. Someone told me that your about to do a tutorial on how to do the Fresh Fruit 3D text. I tried that awhile back myself, didn't work out so good. Whoever made that tutorial didn't do a very good job, they put inaccurate steps on there. Hopefully yours will be better, I'll be glad to give a go at it again. 

  16. Christian Villanueva Avatar

    I'm actually in the process of creating a personal logo, which I believe is a lot harder than creating for a client. Also congrats on 10k and love your videos!

  17. psiops277 Avatar

    What stands out to me at firs is your name for the same reasons u mentioned and after that the wolf stands out to me as well…

  18. ParkAvenue287 Avatar

    I envy you. Awesome work!

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