The Top 4 Task-Based Websites

For those who are looking to earn a bit of money on the side, possibly as a supplement for their main job but are not willing to commit full-time, online task-based jobs are a good place to get started. Such jobs are usually short-term, pay pretty well for simple, often repetitive tasks, and many don’t require any qualifications or higher education. They can be done on your own schedule and pay regularly, making them an attractive option for many to earn an extra income. We’ll look at the 4 best online task-based jobs available now.

1) Lionbridge

Simply sign up with these guys, provide your work history and experience and you will be able to apply for a variety of task-based jobs such as; social media evaluation – where you evaluate content on social media platforms, ads evaluation – where you rate ads based on their quality and suitability for the platform and audience, and maps evaluation – where you judge the quality and accuracy of maps. Lionbridge pays very well for these tasks considering the time you put into them and are known to be very reliable unlike other sites.

2) Remotasks

This site focuses a lot on tasks requiring Lidar annotation. Lidar is the technology used by autonomous cars to understand their surroundings by bouncing light off objects around the environment. During its development, it requires a human to help identify what certain objects are for future reference. This is a very popular job due to the consistent amount of tasks that are available, providing a pretty stable income to those who treat it like a full-time job.

3) Fiverr

Perhaps the most well known out of all the freelance/task-based sites, Fiverr will see you compete with other freelancers for work, starting at just $5 per project. The site has so many available jobs from the simplest translation or transcription, to creating intricate graphic designs. There is literally a job available for anyone. As you interact with clients directly, there are opportunities to even develop relationships with them and work more for them outside of Fiverr. Stories of people becoming virtual assistants handling tasks such as conference room scheduling and emails for business owners after completing a few tasks for them are the norm.

4) Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

This part of the world’s most valuable company assigns micro tasks that workers complete and can add up to make good earnings. MTurk provides simple tasks that require human intelligence such as identifying objects in images or completing simple research tasks. It also enables individuals and businesses to outsource simple processes and jobs to people who can work virtually. The sheer quantity of tasks available on their site makes it a popular option for those looking to earn supplemental income.






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